Sunday, July 21, 2013

Very Slowly Our House Is Coming Together

Ten years ago my children and myself found ourselves with no place to live. The lease on the three bedroom house we were living in expired and the owner had plans for it. Of course he did everything legit and we had our 30 days but having four children ten to twenty, 2 disabled, made for a loud bunch so rather than getting kicked out every few months I told each prospective landlord or landlady the situation. Many were very compassionate but not enough so that they would allow four teen children in one of their apartments.

At the last minute I found a woman with a two apartment house. A huge back and side yard, and the children could keep their pets one cat and my oldest son's two therapy birds. The best part is it was the second and third floor meaning their were four finished bedrooms, within their school district of course. Sounds great, right? Not so much... A man lived downstairs and the place was very dated. Don't get me wrong it was liveable and everything worked so we took it. Happy to have found someplace in time, I was thankful! The land lady explained to me that they were thinking of selling it and if they did they would ask me first. I politely told her "thank you, although I'm not looking for anything permanent". I did appreciate the offer (thinking in my head there was no way on God's green earth we would ever live there more than one school year)! The neighborhood wasn't great, the apartment downstairs was like a shell, without heat I may add. Our apartment upstairs would do in a pinch but it definitely wasn't where I seen myself raising my children. It was summer 2002 and our apartment looked like the 70's, paneling and all!

We slowly made little improvements in our apartment. The man downstairs moved out, and my kids loved the yard. The neighborhood wasn't nearly as unlikeable as I had thought. Pretty much everyone kept to themselves. Three years later we were still there. The downstairs apartment was empty but still only a shell and no heat. No matter to us as it only had two bedrooms anyway. In September of 2005 I went into respiratory arrest then heart failure. Our local hospital airlifted me to a cardiac hospital with life support. A few days later when I awoke and was told of the happenings of the past few days I was in total horror. What if??? Where would my children have gone??? Oh my wow, I needed plans in place, decisions needed made, what if that would have been my time? I had no arrangements for my children. My daughter was toying with the idea of getting a place with her fiance but the three boys? When I was released from the hospital I was to go to a medical rehab but I could not I had my boys to look after. The Dr. demanded that I not climb the stairs so I called my land lady and asked her about the still disasterous down stairs apartment. She then told me of their plans to sell the place as they could not keep up with taxes and upkeep on their many apartments. I accepted without a thought as we would continue to have the same place. David and Bobby could have the upstairs while my youngest and I would live downstairs. The house payments with taxes would be less than renting both apartments and I was in no condition to move. That worked until about November when it was cold and we had no heat!

Fast Forward 8 years and the downstairs still needs much work but there is heat and the house is paid off. We just had the majority of the outside painted, a new little deck has been put up in place of the falling down porch and for the next three days there will be someone here completely tearing out my bathroom and replacing it with new flooring etc. My extra pantry will be turned into a linen, towel closet and a new door blocking the basement hall will be up (to help on the heat bills.) I guess there was a way on Gods green earth that I would be raising my children here. My oldest still lives upstairs and my youngest just moved back last month (a few posts back I talk about that situation.) I'm sure there will be more related posts also.

How did you end up in the house you are in now? Has it required a lot of TLC? Do you invision yourself there forever?

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