Friday, August 23, 2013

Creature Peeper by Insect Lore Review

*sponsored* The Creature Peeper is manufactured by the Insect Lore

Carlos White, an entomologist founded Insect Lore in San Joaquin, California. In the year 1965, Mr. Carlos White was inspired to develop a kit to allow people of all ages,in their homes and classrooms, to witness the metamorphosis of real live butterflies. In 1969, the butterfly garden was born. At that time the concept was revolutionary, customers purchased educational kits that included a butterfly habitat with a certificate. The customer would receive live caterpillars by mailing in the certificate. Carlo's White's special caterpillar diet began the butterflies by mail magic.

Fifty million caterpillars by mail later, Mr. White is retired, and his son John now operates Insect Lore USA, in an enlarged factory in Shafter California. It is complete with a Bugseum and a visitor center. His daughter Jennifer, is head of Insect Lore Europe, located in Cornwall England. Painted lady caterpillars travel from Cornwall to destination throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Insect Lore partnered with a group working with NASA and on July 23, 1999 the Columbia Space Shuttle took aboard Insect Lore painted lady caterpillar. Scientists were trying to determine if caterpillars would undergo metamorphosis in a zero- gravity environment. They wanted to see if an adult butterfly would properly form within it's chrysalis without the aid of gravity to pull the parts in place. A set of chrysalides housed in a specially designed habitat. A website was dedicated to the flight, with high school students near Atlanta monitoring the flight. The results concluded that all of the butterflies emerged from the Columbia Space Shuttle.

The Creature Peeper allows you to see bugs from above and below. The escape proof periscope-style interactive viewer provides 3x magnification of your bugs. Recommended for children 4 and up, there are small parts that could be hazardous to children under 4 up. Children can choose from many things to study-ladybugs, crickets,and they say even pebbles! The Creature Peeper is very easy to use, it is kid and bug friendly. The kit is sturdy with a durable base.The kit even includes a beetle replica. It was the winner of the Scientific-American Explorations magazines "15 Great Science gifts under $15." and the Oppeheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award.

Kayla 7, Dylan 5, had hours of fun checking out bugs from top to bottom. They checked out ants, bees, crickets and Dylan viewed a spider. Kayla would not look at the spider even inside the Creature Peeper! I guess that could possibly be my fault. *embarrassed laugh* They both enjoyed the Creature Peeper. Asking so many questions, which I definitely did not mind! After they were so interested wanting to know if they could get this and that (which would help them learn even more)! The creature Peeper was obviously a very good choice for us. We like it and I think most children will.


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  1. This is neat and would make a great science project for homeschooling.

  2. Oh boy would my son love these - he's bug obsessed right now!!!