Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Did What I Had To Do

Some of you may remember my first post on this subject I let my son move home, with a dog, what was I thinking? For others a quick recap. My 20 year old son moved home, with his dog, that later turned out to be an American Terrier Pitbull. The plan was, he would live here until he found a job and 1)Paid his own way or 2)Found his own apartment. We left off with him not doing much.

By the end of July things had taken a big turn for the worst. His puppy was loveable enough but he licked everything. He chewed, everything. I was told it was because he was just a big puppy! Well, I didn't sign up for a big puppy, I said he and his dog could stay. There was no mention of Pitbull or licking, chewing, peeing, pooping, just a dog.

He still hadn't found a job and in my opinion wasn't looking very hard. Oh, he helped me but that doesn't buy groceries or set one up for dealing with life. I love my son very much, he's my baby but I couldn't enable him. He is so young and so capable, to let him just live here and hang out with friends would have been such an enormous disservice to him.

Finally I did what I had to do. After talking to him 3 times about work and responsibility, that fell on deaf ears, I decided that I had to be the responsible one and ask him to pack up and leave. It hurt, it hurt so deeply, however, I needed to do what I needed to do. I had to consider his future, his future family, his life in general.

Fast forward a month. I miss him so much. At times I question my judgement, my decision, although, I did what I had to do. Giving him the push that he needed has turned out for the best. He is doing great. He lives in a house with 2 others about his age. Everyone pays their fair share. He has a full time job. One that he likes and he is super proud of. I am so gad I did what I had to do!

What would you do in a similar situation? Have you ever thought about when your children grow up? Do you have plans for them?

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