Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raccoon Rumpus


Raccoon Rumpus is a memory and matching game manufactured by at Educational Insights.

Located in Southern California, Educational Insights is the manufacture of games and toys that are playful with a serious educational value. Their products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who understand that for children learning should be made fun. The playful products that are manufactured and designed at Educational Insights include subject specific classroom products, teacher resources and educational toys and games.

Raccoon Rumpus is a very cute little matching game, that helps children with memorizing, and colors. These little critters want to be dressed up. It's a 2-4 player game for grades Pre K +. The players take turns rolling two jumbo dice, a colored die, and a costume die, they then search the costume cards for a match. The matching costume gets placed on the players raccoon. Gotta watch out for those underwear though, getting those will cause player to lose all of their costumes.Rolling a rainbow means player gets a costume of their choice. The first player to get five costumes wins the game. The creator of these cute little raccoons, is Kim Vandenbroucke,who is the owner of a game consulting firm Brainy Chick Inc. When Kims not inventing games, she is busy playing volleyball. One of the costumes in Raccoon Rumpus was even modeled after one of her favorite uniforms.

Our children really enjoy playing this game. Its a new twist to some of their other memory and matching games. They find it super funny when one of them rolls the "undies" as they call them. I'm really fond of Educational Insights toys and games because the children are having fun, they don't even realize their working their brains! Their toys are just a brilliant approach to education. Leah especially loves this game. I knew the animals would be a big hit but adding the self confidence is a big added plus! She'll ask for Raccoon Rumpus time after time and she is not very happy when her brother or sister want a turn picking a game, luckily this doesn't happen often as they really like Raccoon Rumpus too!
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  1. Cute toys and you can't go wrong with Memory toys kids love them.