Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Active Straw Cup Review

*sponsored* Tommee Tippee Explora Easyiflow Active Straw cup is a spill proof cup for toddlers ages 12 months+. The active straw cup helps the child learn to sip from a straw.

The Explora Easiflow Active Straw Cup was designed for toddlers, so that learning to drink from a straw would not be a messy experience. The cup is spill-proof and the easiflow technology makes drinking easier. The cup was made insulated so that drinks would remain cooler and fresher longer.

The Tommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Active Straw cup is 9oz. and B.P.A free, as are all the Tommee Tippee products. The cups were designed so that they could be washed in the dishwasher, and also put in the microwave. They are sterilizer free. The cup features a super soft silicone straw making it gentle on little mouths. The flip top lid helps to keep things cleaner, the lid is also interchangeable as is with all easiflow cups.

I really like Tommee Tippee products, they make each drinking stage a clean, mess free experience. Their products are durable and easy to clean. They come in the cutest colors, the first thing I noticed when the box arrived was that awesome pop of color.

Our toddler really likes the cup as well... for which I was grateful. Even at 2 he still had problems sucking from a cup that held a straw. He seemed to always want to tip the cup in the air towards his face and after that we would have a mess on him and everything near him. The Tommee Tippee cup has really helped us make progress with this issue. He's learning to hold the cup the right way and has the concept that he can hold the cup without tipping it.

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  1. Great learning tool for teaching toddlers to use straws. I had something similar but they didn't work really well.

  2. It's nice that they have things like this now. Everything that I had when I was little just had a spout. I guess that worked well enough. Can't remember back that far. lol

    I don't have any little ones, and don't plan on it, but I'll pass the info around. Wish I had known about these for my brother-in-law's first baby. I'm sure there will be another one on the way someday soon, though.

  3. I am definitely needing to start transitioning from bottle to sippys and these look very nice . I love the mess free appeal.

  4. I have been wondering if these were good. They are on my Amazon wishlist.

  5. It's so cute! Very useful and handy anytime, anywhere! :)

  6. We are constantly on the hunt for kids cuds that dont leak and i like that theses are microwave safe too

  7. these look amazing the strawcup looks like one they kids would love to use.