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Wearever Reusable Incontinent Underwear for Women and Men Review - Also Buster Brown Socks mention

We were given one each of the women's and men's style reusable incontinence underwear to facilitate our review. This did not influence our review in any way. 

Incontinence can be a stressful inconvenience to anyone, at any age. With children, many have night time incontinence until 7 or 8, although there are many products openly used, sold and talked about for them. Adults have only had only one choice, disposable undergarments which are not eco friendly and definitely don't feel like underwear, imagine one choice, until now. People are talking, they are talking about Wearever reusable incontinent underwear!

Wearever incontinent panties have sewn in Unique-Dri pads that trap the liquid and are treated with odor eliminating Agion antimicrobial fibers. There was a noticeable difference from using regular underwear.

Prime Life Fiber's Wearever line is based on the Hydrex system for total protection. The story on Prime Life Fiber began in the early nineties, Bob Deerin noticed that reusable incontinence underwear was a flourishing industry in Europe had no equivalent in the US market. He seen an opportunity to provide an overall lower cost for quality products. However soon it was apparent that the incontinence garments would need manufactured locally due to cost for the business to sustain itself. Therefore, Bob Deerin subcontracted to a manufacture in a Thomasville North Carolina fabric company. From there came the prime Life Fibers patented 3 layer Hydrex system for total protection, and after a lot of testing the unique dri system came the wearever line of panties. Their drive is to develop the best incontinence products in the market. They follow the following criteria in order to do so consistently with quality, performance, fashionable and attractive pricing. Now after years of tweaking and testing the companies latest innovation, the unique dry system and the wearever line of seamless panties.

Our reviewer of the women's incontinent underwear had many good things to say. She really liked wearing regular underwear compared to paper and plastic ones. She said they were very comfortable and looked just like regular white women's underwear. It made her feel much better going out in public, she didn't have to worry about coughing or sneezing. Also (of course she said she'd rather not) but if she did have a leak she was protected and dressed like any other woman. Her only complaint, if you can call it that, was she thought she had ordered a bit bigger but they fit exactly so maybe just be sure of your sizing. She just gave a size without really looking.

Wearever Men's Classic Incontinent Briefs

The companies mantra is innovation and constant improvement for a future of newer, better products. Wearever's are washable and reusable. Their polyester inner lining keeps moisture away from your body the thin built in pad traps the liquid, and antimicrobial fibers stop odor. The water proofed outer layer prevents leaks. They look and feel like regular underwear.

Our reviewer for the mens incontinent underwear was very impressed saying he didn't have to worry about having an accident because of the 3 layer pad system and odor blocking agent yet could feel like a normal man dressed in regular looking underwear.

Wearever Incontinence offers 100% cotton diabetic socks made by Buster Brown, for maximum comfort and durability. Appropriate for those with poor circulation, easily irritated skin, or diabetes Buster Brown 100% cotton socks are made with no elastic or synthetics. The seamless design of Buster Brown cotton socks with cushioning improve comfort, reduce binding, and eliminate skin irritation.

Diabetic Cotton Socks by Buster Brown

Most of you know my sweet mother passed in June. For the ten years prior to that she wore these very socks. She liked them when I was younger and Buster Brown Shoe Store was in town. For a long period of time she switched then when she broke her leg it developed extreme sensitivity to anything touching her below the knee, therefore, I searched til I dropped. Then my aunt found them and ordered many pair. My mother again enjoyed the socks she had once worn while nursing at our local hospital years before. She ordered them constantly to always have them. She absolutely loved her Buster Brown socks. They did not bother her nueropathy, nor cause any rashes. I can vouch for these socks much more than just as a review (which by the way I did not.)

Wearever also sells incontinence bed pads made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner. The Unique-Dri™ inner core and IBEX Cotton Polyester blend incontinence pads are washable and reusable for long lasting lifetime use.

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