Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummi Pouch Review

by Brandi *sponsored*

We were delighted to be able to review the Yummi Pouch as we have a two year old at home who loves his fruit and juice boxes.

A Yummi Pouch is a reusable and recyclable food pouch. It holds up to 6 ounces of any blended snack. The food grade material is BPA-FREE and PHTHALATE-FREE. The pouch is dishwasher safe, by expanding the bottom it can stand up and fit on the top rack or simply rinse with hot water and air dry. Freezing and refridgerating the pouch is okay, use a dry marker or pen the date and content can be wrote on the pouch,and will wash away at next washing. The Yummi Pouch has a strong resealable zipper, wide enough at the top for filling. Yummi Pouches were created in 2012, when it was noticed that while there were many disposable brands of food pouches not many reusable food pouches existed. Anything reusable and recyclable is eco friendly and that means helping to save and preserve our earth.

We absolutely love the Yummi Pouch and so does our little guy. He loves yogurt and usually we have a huge mess when he eats said yogurt. Until we used the Yummi Pouch, it was great, no spoon is needed. We can bring the pouch along to the park, leave the wet wipes at home and not worry that he will need a scrub down. I don't worry about letting him walk around the house. It's great not having to buy the disposables and save the money. I definitely appreciate being introduced to Yummi Pouches and will need more in the future.

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