Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Butz Review

I mentioned in a previous post that our two year old has been having frequent diaper rashes over the last six months or so. We have tried several products,and in my opinion Baby Butz is one of the best.

Baby Butz was created by the unconditional love of one mother, Majda Ficko. Demitri is Majda's 15 year old son, who was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a rare developmental disorder that requires him to be tube fed and wear a diapers 24 hours a day. Born prematurely Demitri only weighed 2.9 pounds. He spent the first three years of his life in and out of children's hospital. While in the hospital Demitri's rashes were successfully treated with a cream formulated by one of the hospitals pharmacists. After the pharmacy was closed, Majda tried every commercial rash cream that was being sold. None of them worked.

Majda spent a lot of time researching the the ingredients in the rash creams that were being sold. It disturbed her to see most leading brands have perfume, alcohol, or other chemical ingredients. She was afraid to put all those chemicals on her son because he was already sick enough. At her wits end because she couldn't find an effective cream, Majda's husband suggested contacting a now retired chemist about collaborating a new project.

Majda wanted to modify the formulation that the hospital had used ensuring all the ingredients were natural safe and effective. After two years of tweaking and testing they finally had a winning formula. She didn't think of marketing her diaper cream until her doctor suggested that others should also benefit from it. In 2005 she submitted her cream to Health Canada for licensing approval a natural health product.

In the seven years she has been using her diaper cream, Majda says her son has not had a diaper rash. Baby Butz cream has worked better than any other diaper rash cream on the market. It is both more safe and more effective. Baby Butz meets the gold standard of pediatrician, and is a licensed natural health product in Canada.

We have been using Baby Butz cream for the last few weeks, I noticed immediately he was more content about changing his diaper and within a couple days the rash was all cleared up. He is still rash free tonight!

We also let an adult with incontinent issues use a jar of Baby Butz. They used this on the side they slept on. Due to rashes caused from laying on the incontinent product for 7, 8 even 9 hours a night we wondered about trying different products. Baby Butz was a big help in keeping the urine from penetrating the skin, causing rashes to form.

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