Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Childhood and Early Adolecent Diabetes

*Information partly gathered from the Auburn~Reporter.com* Only a certified physician can give you trustworthy answers about your child. This is for reading purposes only.

Childhood Diabetes is becoming more prevalent with each passing year. About 18,000 children here in the US are diagnosed with either type 1 or 2 diabetes every year, EVERY year. It is the most common and increasingly widespread common chronic disease in children.

The challenge for parents is noticing the disease before it does a large amount of damage. There are signs for parents to watch for, in some cases it is not diabetes but signs of another illness found when having these symptoms checked out.
1.) An increase in thirst or urination.
2.) Lethargy
3.) Increased appetite with sudden or unexplained weight loss.
4.) Vision changes
5.) A fruity breath odor

The main purpose of this post is prevention, Yes, some diabetes can be prevented!

When I was young and I'm sure some of you will agree, a treat was a handful of chocolate chip cookies or a big ol' piece of mom's chocolate cake. The taste was wonderful and so satisfying B U T these treats were made for an entire family and often shared with teachers or neighbors. Now a days some children get snacks, treats and other high calorie, low nutrition goodies almost at will. Not that the parents are trying to make their children sick or unhealthy but because times really have changed! Most children are not nearly as active as children were even 20 years ago. All I am saying is eat healthy, play actively and visit the Doc once in a while.

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  1. i am very lucky my kids are not effected with this but i do know of friends that have friends with kids have it