Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Proud Mama Mondays - Jordan

If Your Child Is Amazing And You Know It, Raise Your Hand!

Of course, I can just see proud mothers everywhere waving their hand because all children are wonderfully amazing. As mothers, we are all a little partial. I have three that I could just stare at forever, and never lose that sense of wonder, that I helped bring this perfect gift into the world. You always think of the things you're going to show them, and the things you're going to teach them. How to nurture, preserve, and protect the innocence in them. You are so proud at watching their every new accomplishment. You also realize one day that as you have watched them grow, they have been changing and teaching you as well.

Recently, I have had to make some difficult choices as a mother. My oldest son is 15 years old and as I thought about the choices I was presented with I thought about his life and the journey that we have shared so far. Each of my children are individuals, different in every way, yet each one makes me feel proud to be his mother. Jordan, a.k.a Bubbie since the day he came home from the hospital has always been what I have referred to as an "old soul". It was almost like even in his first few years of life as he took in the world around him he had a wisdom that was astonishing. At two and three years old he was reminding me each week of things I had planned the week before. He's always had this sense of responsibility even then at two years old he would keep at things until he caught on, until he learned what he needed to from whatever it was. He would not give up, he would push himself until it was mastered in the way he thought it should be. People would comment from the time that he took his first steps how cute it was that he walked like a little man. Bubbie has always been very much about his whole family. At two if you asked him whose boy he was he would answer "grandma's boy"! When he was two I was pregnant and very big with one of his brothers I had tripped while carrying some stuff including a pencil, I had no idea he was going to jump in front of me to try and catch me! The pencil hit his eye-lid, didn't go all the way through but put a red mark on the white of his eye. We both went to the hospital to get checked out. He proudly announced to anyone who would listen that he saved his mama... The first day of preschool as we rode on the bus I got teary eyed, and he patted my leg and said "Don't worry mama, I'll be home before you know it, you'll be just fine" From that day forward Bubbie loved school, he worked hard to get good grades. He would hide from me that he wasn't feeling well so that he wouldn't ruin his attendance record.

Bubbie is also a very firm believer in our lord, Jesus Christ. He has been going to church as long as hes been in school. The people at our church are just as much his family as his family here at home. We all know the pressure we have in school, especially through our teenage years and I couldn't be prouder of him when he wears a shirt to school representing his love for Jesus, or he proudly shows it on his facebook page. He stands up for what he believes in. I couldn't possibly share our whole story in one post,so it will a have to be a continued story. I felt like this was the perfect place to start though, expressing my amazement and my love for my child, for all of my children. Though neither everyone or everything is perfect, I wanted to express also that no matter what we go through or where we end up, my children always made me proud to be their mother. I feel I've been very blessed with each one of my children. I've had to reach deep inside, exploring my feelings, my heart, and my thoughts to make the best decision possible for my son. I knew right away that this decision had to be solely about him, and that is why I had to dig so far into my thoughts and feelings because I refused to let the choice be made out of selfishness. A mother never wants to think about their children not being close...and yet nothing can break the strong bond between a mother and her boy.....(to be continued...)


What part of your children make you the proudest? Special moments or deeds, attributes?

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  1. I love this idea of promoting things that you are proud of about your kids. I have four kids and they are all amazing in their own unique way.