Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Review

We have had the opportunity to review Woolzies-The All Natural Dryer Ball Set, from Soft By Nature,Inc.

Soft By Nature Inc, located in the Hudson Valley of Southern, New York State is a small family owned business. They develop all natural eco friendly products.They want to pass down to their children, this beautiful earth in the condition in which we received it from our parents.

WoolzieS Dryer Balls are excellent in several ways. These balls are made of pure wool,and deliver all the benefits and more than the conventional fabric softeners. The Woolzie Dryer Balls are without the nasty chemicals you would find in the conventional softeners. They are a money saver, eliminating the cost of continuously buying fabric softener sheets and liquid. The balls cut down the time it takes to dry a typical load of laundry by at least 25%,saving more money,and cutting down the use of fossil fuel. The balls are handmade, providing a steady source of income to needy women of the developing nation in the Republic of Nepal.

The handmade set of six Woolzie balls are hypo-allergenic. People who have allergies to wool can even use them,the balls do not shed nor do they have to have direct contact with skin. The conventional fabric softeners out there are full of harsh chemicals that are toxins,many adults and children are allergic to these toxins. Most commercial brands contain harsh chemicals that destroy the fire retardant qualities in most clothing, while Woolzies will not.

The Woolzie balls cut drying time by 25% because they create space,separating the laundry as they bounce around.Thereby saving us money and time. The Woolzie balls are guaranteed to last up to 1000 loads.

I received my Woolzies Dryer Balls awhile back when Brandi did. I waited to write my review for 2 reasons, so ours wouldn't be one right after another and so I would have time to really check mine out. There is alot of laundry to be done around here, way to much. I'm sure everyone thinks that, here it is really a positive statement. We both work and then there is all the children's activities and so. My 1st thought was will these really decrease my drying time, really? Oh, I'd be so happy! Well, they did. They reduced the amount of drying time - just not by hours and I think that is what my mind was hoping for. My electric bill however, will be my just rewards. We live in the country and our electric rate is higher than most.

The softness too is a reality, the feel of my laundry is much better. Due to allergies I've never been able to use great smelling fabric softener like everyone else. Unless of course I wanted to feel like I couldn't breath and look like I'd been crying for days. I think we'll stick with my new friend :-}

You can connect with Woolzies Dryer Balls via Facebook , @Woolzies and Their Website


  1. I have been thinking about using a more eco friendly drier sheets. These seem like a great option! Thank you!

  2. Your rafflecopter is not sending people to this site, I am hoping this is the site for the Woolsie Dryer ball give away on One Last Hurrah for summer giveaway hop -

    Now about Woolsies, I love that these are made of 100% New Zealand wool and safe to use with people with wool allergies and that they shorten drying time and hopefully help with static electricity