Monday, October 14, 2013

Free Cheese Thinables Samples

Since I first started thinking of blogging I have wanted to add free samples but there just never seemed to be enough of them, so I decided to post em' if I see em' a couple is better than none, right?

Here is some delicious free samples of the healthiest, best-tasting crackers and pasta on the market? They're so sure that they're going to love they're Thinables crackers and Light pasta that they're willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Simply share the link below with your friends, and they can each request free sample packages of their delicious Cheese Thinables. Each package is:

  • packed with 11 grams of fiber (compare to less than 1g in Cheez-It);
  • a mere 60 calories (compare to 140 calories in Cheez-It);
  • a generous serving of around 30 individual crackers;
    As promised here's the link: FREE SAMPLES

    1. Thank you! I requested some! I've been looking for a lower calorie snack!

    2. This would be perfect to snack on mid-day! I love Cheez-Its so I will definitely like these!