Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jordan Part 3

I have started a little series of posts Jordan Pt. 1 and Jordan Pt. 2 . This being Pt 3 concerning my 15 year old son, Jordan. Over the summer I had a very important decision I had to make. Would everyone had made the decision I did ? Probably not. I have pondered this from all different directions. I have come to a place in my heart that I know this was the best choice for our family, this was a blessing. I really feel that God lead us in this direction, because just when I was feeling like I really had no choice left but to send my son back to a place that caused him so much anger, and hurt. I felt helpless, I'm the mom, I'm suppose to have the answers and I didn't.

I want to home school all of my boys through high school, especially living in the district of the city high school. I was convinced even further when I watched the dramatic change the city high school had on my son in just one year.

The problem, is I feel there are a couple areas I could excel at, but honestly I'm not the most educated person. I want my children to have every advantage in life, I want them to feel like they could go to the moon and back if that is what they wanted. So, after a whole lot of thinking, I knew I needed to at least prepare myself for homeschooling. I would need time to soak up all the knowledge I could.

Finally, our pastor and his amazing wife realized it was coming up on the last few weeks before school, they could see the anxiety Jordan was starting to have. He was exhibiting so much anger, just as he did in the months before summer vacation. They invited us for a cookout one evening and presented us with a solution. I already knew before we spoke of this that they had a special place in their hearts for Jordan, and vice versa. Jordan and his Pastor were the best of pals. To be continued ...


  1. Hard decisions regard your teen will always leave you second guessing yourself. So good that you have a support network, and pray, pray, pray

  2. I am a homeschooling mom of a Special needs son with Autism and Mild CP and my daughter who will be going into 7th grade. I can understand your fears. But just remember mom. You are the best teacher a child could ever have. Don't ever think less of your self <3 Whatever choice you make will be the best choice for your family. It can be a challenge. I have MS, FM, RA and I am legally Blind with one eye a prosthetic. Everyone told me I could not do it. I have proved them wrong.

  3. What a great pastor and his amazing wife. I praise you for overcoming your doubts and for turning to God. That's always the best way. I am sure you have been the best influence on you boys and I am glad it has turned out so well.