Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jordan pt. 4

I have started a little series of posts Jordan Pt. 1 and Jordan Pt. 2 . This being Pt 4.

They asked us to consider letting Jordan live with them, so that he could attend the little country school they live near. Jordan was beyond excited about this prospect, most of kids he attends youth group would be the kids he would be going to school with. It really was an emotional night, with a lot of heartfelt conversation and some tears.

Some of my thoughts went in the direction that my son is 15 years old, he has but 3 years until he turns 18, if I messed this decision up I could very well set him on a disastrous path. I knew I couldn't let that happen it was my job, to not let that happen. We all know as mothers, our children are always our babies. After speaking to different family members and talking with Jordan, my mind was made up.

I would not be selfish about this, I needed to help give my son what he needed. It helped tremendously that in my heart I knew from the start that it was just the right thing to do. I feel that God brought us all together on the same path for some really meaningful reasons. We didn't give our son away, we extended our family.

It's been a really good change for so many reasons. We are closer as a family, we spend much more time focusing on our relationships as a family. The most important thing is I have my son back. He is happy, he is focusing on his education, he is excited about school again. He's convinced his Jesus tended to him..and as a mother that makes me so happy. I know Jordan will go far places in his life, and he will walk that journey knowing his mother and most importantly God has his back.

As for our Pastor and his wife I could never repay what they are doing for our family. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate them, and I love them. Just when you think of all the bullies in the world that feel so bad about themselves they have to spread their hate and pain to others, you will find these amazing people really do still exist. I don't know if Jordan will release his pain from being bullied to the point of wanting to give up everything that meant the most to him. I am not sure if he will speak of those experiences, maybe it will happen at just the right moment and it will help someone else..I just dont know. As a mom part of me wants to know so I can be angry at something specific, but another part of me can't think of a reason in the world someone would want to hurt my son. So, I choose not to push him about it, if he wants to talk about it he knows I'm always here.

I will be soaking up as much information about homeschooling high school children as possible. When it comes time for my other boys to attend high school I won't be sending them back to a place that clearly hasn't found the answers to combat the bully situation. I'm not saying I know what those answers should be, but meanwhile it's affecting our children in negative ways, those affects could last through their whole lives. We need to listen to what our kids say, and listen harder to what they don't say.

I wish you all a good Monday, I invite your advice about home schooling, and your thoughts about how are we to cope with the bullying situation that seems to get worse every year....God Bless and keep each one of you always.....


  1. I am glad that you feel that you made the right decision and that you are all happier as a family.

  2. I'm glad that Jordan has found a place that he feels safe and is thriving. I don't have the answer's to bullying because if I did I would stop it. I do think that bullying starts at home and parents need to teach their children to be kind others from the minute they are born.