Friday, November 8, 2013

A Baby Shower for my son? Sure did!

Mommy didn't want a shower or at least not til after the baby came. My daughter and I wanted to throw one and people wanted one to go too. A post school starting, pre Halloween get together for the adults. Sounds fun, right? We thought so, the plan was to have as many co ed's or males as possible. Daddy works daytime 12 til 9 including week ends. He gets 2 week days off each week. Scheduling was a lost cause all of it's own. It seemed quite a few of his friends worked afternoons as they mostly work in the restaurant business. No problem right we'll schedule it for evening, oops some are dinner and drink servers, back to square one. My daughter works days so it had to be on one of her days off after all she was co hostess. Therefore, we were left with his 2 days off, which one had to match hers. Before snow fell as I will. not. drive. that far away in any sign of bad weather. If it's 28 and threatens rain I'm not going period. Back to scheduling - we are at nothing after 3, 1 day that match the 2 of my children (unfortunately, that left my 2nd son and fiance' not being able to attend) and of course mornings are out due to cooking and serving breakfasts - I mean someone has to do it, right? But what about lunch staff?

We finally sent out word of mouth invitations hoping some from each shift could stop in for a bit. I forgot to start with pictures, my son was surprised enough he was embarrassed to be caught out dressed like, how did he put it? Laundry day! hehe At least we had the surprise factor we were aiming for!

I was happy at the fun size turn out, one leaving as another appeared. He received some really helpful gifts and a few very special as well. Since we don't know the sex of the baby and won't until she/he comes out to show us you'll notice some Baby Boy and some Baby Girl. We just couldn't celebrate one without the other without knowing! There will be plenty of pictures of him or her starting mid December!

As I stated I really wish I had my ____ together so I had pictures from the beginning. He has some, but now that he knows I'm telling you all of our surprise, male dominant shower he says his pics are nowhere to be found, aha I believe that as much as I believe NY will have no snow this winter! No one put your ski's away!

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  1. I've always thought it was silly to have a baby shower for just the mother. Sure, she's done a fair amount of work, what with the whole pregnancy and labor/delivery ordeal. But the arrival of a child creates a family, and so both parents should be included in the celebration of that life.