Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eye - Fi Mobi SD Card Review

We have been excited to share this review. We had the opportunity to review an Eye-Fi Mobi SD card . This review coincided with Halloween and a bittersweet event our family has experienced.

Most cameras currently use an SD memory card to store up to tons of digital images. I didn't think I could get more excited than I did when I bought my first SD card, until Mobi's Eye-Fi card. Its just amazing that Mobi instantly delivers your photos and videos from your camera to your smart phone or tablet. Mobi creates its own WiFi so it works anywhere you are, no wireless network is needed.

I was a little bit afraid I would have no clue figuring out how it set up. Technology and I, we don't skip along hand in hand very often. So, I have to admit to being surprised to find that setting it up and using it was so simple. You need to install the free Eye-Fi app on your smart phone or tablet to connect to the card. Once they are paired the card will transfer your photos and videos whenever there is new content detected on your device. Once complete the WiFi will disconnect to save battery power. Eye-Fi founded in 2005, is headquartered in Mountain View California. The company's founders and executive team have had a long history of successful leadership. They are dedicated to building products and services that will help consumers manage, share and nurture their digital memories.

We love the Eye-Fi card! This year Halloween was more special to us. My sister's husband was offered a new job in Georgia. They made the decision to move their family there. Every year, we take our kids trick or treating together, so this year we felt like it was a little more special, as it may be the last year we walked with our children together for Halloween. In the week after Halloween we had a few different family functions and get together's. Lots of pictures were a must for me and my sister. We put the Eye-Fi app on her smart phone so that every picture I took with the camera would go to her phone. That made it a little more special for us to be able to do that. My sister also says after they settle in down there she will be getting her own Eye-Fi card, as she thought mine was awesome!

You can connect to Eye-Fi via Facebook , @EyeFiCard and Eye-Fi Website

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