Sunday, November 24, 2013

SmartSilk Pillows Review

We have had the pleasurable opportunity to review pillows from SmartSilk , an all natural collection.

In my family allergies are a common disorder. From my mother to sister and brothers, they all have a list of things that do not agree with their bodies. They have had to get monthly shots for allergies for years. 35 years and I never had to deal with allergies such as theirs. I thought I was fortunate until the last year. All of the sudden my eyes are itchy and constantly watering. I get congested, and start wheezing frequently. I have to keep tissues at hand because of constant nose runs. There are issues that could be a concern with bedding that I never realized until coming across SmartSilk.

SmartSilk was founded by Yair and Harry, who after 50 years of comfortable sleep, found that he was waking up in the mornings congested, wheezing, and coughing. Yair was diagnosed with an allergy to dust mites. Yair spoke to longtime friend Harry and discovered that he to had developed the same condition. Yair and Harry researched allergy related symptoms and learned that with proper bedding much of their discomfort could be improved, without having to take medicine. Unfortunately, regarding allergy bedding there was much of a variety. They found that most options consisted of synthetics or chemically products that were either too stiff, too heavy, or felt like you were sleeping on plastics. Combined Yair and Harry have 50+ years in the textile industry, so they committed themselves to developing a chemical free, all natural and luxurious bedding that would provide a clean, comfortable uninterrupted nights sleep. The SmartSilk is created and produced in house and developed and designed in Canada.

The SmartSilk Pillow offers a delightful sleeping experience with their luxurious blend of all natural material. The all natural cotton outer shell encases unique polyester micro gel fiber filling providing a comfortable combination for a relaxing night of sleep In addition the SmartSilk Shield Advantage offers a proven barrier against allergens, dust mites, and pet dander. The pillow has been certified as asthma and allergy friendly. The pillow is also constantly, naturally, and automatically adjusting to your body temperature, keeping your head and neck at the perfect temperature in addition to its moisture wicking properties.

Some of the wonderful attributes of the SmartSilk Pillow are the polyester micro gel filling, all natural silk fill liner, and the all natural cotton outer shell. The moisture wicking properties help reduce night sweats, and keeps the skin moisturized. The material is non woven water repellent. There is no longer a need to move and flip the pillow around looking for a cool spot due to the breathable materials. The high quality materials used to create the SmartSilk products are a result of many years of research, development, and laboratory testing, to give their consumers the optimal comfort.

Within two weeks I could feel the results of using my new pillow. My symptoms are not nearly as frustrating as they were. I would like to join the many people that just want to thank SmartSilk.

When it comes to laundering the pillows, very simple. As the SmartSilk pillows do not take on odors, and they are inhospitable to dust mites allergens, nor do they promote mold or mildew growth, unless you spill something on the pillow all you really need to do is put it in the dryer on a cool temperature for 20 minutes. If your pillow does need cleaned from staining wash the pillows in cold water and dry in low temperatures.

As many years as some of my relatives have had allergy issues there were things none of them realized about their bedding, Its very much worth checking out for allergy and asthma sufferers.

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