Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wall Slicks Review

We were given the opportunity to review sticker decor from Wall Slicks in exchange for our honest and unbiased opinion of their product.

Wall Slicks has many beautiful graphics to choose from, all the thin smooth shapes are laser cut and made out of vinyl adhesive material. They offer 45 colors to choose from, while most of them are available in different styles. The wall stickers can be used on most all smooth surfaces and some textured surfaces. I was amazed to see that they could be applied to a shower curtain, along with mirrors, and tiles.

Wall Slicks have become a favorite of mine,as far as wall stickers are concerned, for wall decorating. I have tried using many different stickers on my wall, I usually wind up picking them up off the floor because of poor adhesive on the back. I have gotten the most annoyed when I've had to scrub walls and I ended up scrubbing the paint the paint right off the walls while trying to remove the sticker. Wall Slick stickers are made so that the adhesive stays on the back of the sticker, without leaving any nasty residue on the walls after removal.They also send instructions to help guide you through three very simple steps for applying the stickers They send a clever little squeegee that will help when applying the decals, the squeegee is also useful when removing the stickers. It will help you to easily peel your stickers away from the wall, without bringing any paint along with it. They also send instructions to help guide you through three very simple steps for applying the stickers.

The wall stickers we received are the cutest. They are currently sticking to one of the walls in my soon to be grandchild's nursery. Only one wall is ready, good thing there is time. They were really very easy to apply, I think it took longer trying to decide where we should put them. After we decided though it took all of 15 minutes to get them on the wall. They have been up for a few weeks now and there is no peeling, I really get annoyed when you apply stickers to your wall and in no time at all you will see the corners start to peel up. I've washed over them with a damp cloth just to see if that would cause any interruptions with the adhesive and there is none. They are perfectly stuck, and we are thankful to know if we decide they would look better placed somewhere else, we will just get out the squeegee and apply them in another location with no troubles.

Wall slicks does not just offer their own many graphic images, but they also allow people to submit their own images. Personal art work can be turned into a wall sticker, how awesome is that? The Wall Slick site has how to do it videos and inspiring pictures featuring ideas for their decals.

You can connect with Wall Slicks via Facebook , @WallSlicks and Wall Slicks Website .

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