Friday, November 8, 2013

We've been quite busy 'round here

Hello All - What a busy, busy time of year!

One last get together for the soccer friends (I think mostly for the parents, as one family was moving away.) We took the kids to the Corn Maze in Gerry last week and what a blast! Last year Dylan was afraid that they were really lost and this year it was Leah's turn but only for a second, til mommy turned the corner then it was all smiles and off she went again. Dylan and Kayla loved it in fact there were moments that they weren't to thrilled they had to stay insight of mommy or daddy. They wanted to act like tweens and wait at the end! In a few years, dears, in a few years! The next day we hit up the petting zoo and oh how beautiful the animals were, I loved that no one could touch the animals!

Then we went to the Chautauqua County Mall's Trick or Treating (I just love when these children get to have lots of fun and it wears them out also)! The Princesses enthralled Leah. She was captivated by their outfits and hair, yes hair and most of them only had their own hair not costume hair. Leave it to a child to go around touching the hair of anyone dressed up even close to a princess. It was quite priceless actually. Dylan was after the candy as these treats are far and few between at home. Kayla was scaring anyone of her size and older. She's a sweetheart and wouldn't make a child cry ... except maybe her brother or sister haha!

They have swimming every Tuesday and have had 2 school related birthday parties not to mention their church harvest party and then trunk or treating. Busy, busy but oh so fun. The hay rides and cider tasting. There is just so much to do in the fall as all the colors are changing and the wind is starting to sing and dance it's way around the evenings, what a beautiful time!

And finally - mommy on Halloween!

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