Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flappy Hats by Dots on Tots Review

We have had the opportunity to review a "flappy hat" from Dots On Tots


It's getting colder here in Western New York. Its time to pack away all that wonderful summer gear and get the boots, mittens, scarves, and hats out. Moms here in Western New York get your voices ready, because how many times do we say "get your hats on", "make sure you have your gloves", and for our littlest ones its a constant thing to replace the hats they keep pulling off their heads. We received a flappy hat to review from Dots On Tots and I hoped our little girl would like it as much as I did.

The flappy hats from Dots On Tots aren't only cute, their perfect for a toddler. The hats have ear protection flaps that velcroe underneath the chin. There are three layers in the flaps, the inner layer is made from a lightweight organic fleece for extra comfort, the flaps are just as soft as the hat. The hats are seamless and double layered. Their the perfect weight for the cold winter, or just a chilly and windy day. The hats fit securely on the child's head, there is no fear its going to fall off.

All hats from Dots On Tot's are 100% certified organic cotton and eco-friendly. Their hyper-allergenic, with a low impact of dyes, and irritant free fabric for extra comfort. The hats are all made right here in the U.S.A. Skin sensitivities are more and more common among babies, the organic materials help to protect their skin. The cotton used to make the hats were not farmed the conventional way, no pesticides were used to produce the crops, which means that the cotton fabric is toxin free. Organically grown cotton does not retain toxic residues, so the clothing that is made from it is pure, natural, and breathable fiber. All the hats at Dots On Tots are made right here in the U.S.A.

Dots On Tots offer innovative hat designs for boys and girls, available in sizes from infant -4t. The newborn and toddler hat designs are for protection of the ears, nose, and throat. Dots On Tots offer the option of an ear protection hat with noise reduction up to 50%. The hats includes special inserts for the ear flaps made from natural hemp fleece. Great for sporting events, and large crowds.

The owner of Dots On Tots, and the head designer, is a mother of two. As a professional, she knows design concepts, as a mother, she knows whats important to children. Newborn skin is often very sensitive and its important to choose the right type of clothing to avoid an allergic reaction. That is why Dots On Tots uses only organic certified fabric only made in the U.S.A.

Honestly, our little girl is not fond of any kind of hat, but she does leave the flappy hat on her head. I think it is a combination of it being so soft and comfortable and there are no snaps bothering her neck or chin. She has actually had some skin sensitivities to some of the clothing, and a couple laundry soaps that her clothes were washed in. She has had no reactions, of course with her flappy hat. I'm so thankful that her ears are also protected, last winter we had a few ear infections to tend with and this year I want to do everything possible to protect her little ears.

Dots On Tots have a variety of hat styles and colors, I love that their soft and of high quality, the prices are reasonable. I have my eye on a couple more for the other kids.

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