Friday, December 13, 2013

Hallmark Review

We have had the wonderful opportunity to review some products from Hallmark .

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love the putting up the lights, decorating the Christmas tree, baking tons of cookies. Every year Hallmark is part of the traditions of the Christmas season. I have memories of Hallmark traditions as a child.

I was really excited when we got our box from Hallmark. Just as if it was Christmas morning I tore it open to see what was hiding inside.

We got five Christmas cards to fill out for five special people in our life. It was an assortment between sentimental and funny. I really liked that, there is always that one person that sentimental just don't fit, you need that funny card. I love the no matter what type of card your looking for, no matter what your trying to say Hallmark has it covered.

Also, in our box of goodies was an interactive story book, Santa and the Christmas Eve Flight. Santa responds to you and your child while reading the book. The book will automatically respond to your voice and will ask your child questions. Our little boy loves talking to Santa, and we have to read it to him every day.

We also had fun taking pictures with the photo props they sent us which included 18 photo props, 10 sticks and a 4'' by 6'' photo album. We used some of the props took Christmas pictures and used them for our Christmas cards this year.

Hallmark sent us their 2013 Season's Greetings Keepsake. A beautifully crafted Christmas ornament that a photo can be added to it, and a special personal message can be recorded. The keepsake was done by Hallmark's Keepsake artist Edythe Kegrize.

Hallmark was founded in 1910, by teenage entrepreneur, who started only with a couple shoe boxes of postcards and an American dream in his heart. Today, a century later Hallmark is a $4 billion business based in Kansas City,MO, and is still led by their founding family. Hallmark finds it an honor to stay close to people's needs, understanding what is universal in the human heart and meeting those needs with products that bring people together.

Our family will continue to keep our traditions with Hallmark. They will continue to be a part of our special moments, they help to make those moments that we remember for a lifetime.

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