Friday, December 13, 2013

HI Clips Review

We have recently had the opportunity to review HiClips from Gawden, LLC.

I have the most unmanageable head of hair, when it's not dull and lifeless, it's out of control. My usual hairstyle is a messy bun with lots of bobby pins. I find myself constantly complaining about my hair.

We received Gawden's HiClips for a review. I got got a little excited reading the box that they came in. Volumize like a pro, while you blow dry! The box promised to transform flat, lifeless hair to wildly full. I definitely had to give this a try.

HiClips come with 2 volumizing, styling clips. The clips are applied near the roots, under any area of hair where volume is needed. They can be placed in any direction on the crown of the head, back of the head over neckline, and even the bangs. The clips I found easy enough to open by squeezing tabs together at the base. You can air dry or blow dry. The clips are left in during drying duration, which depends on the type of hair, the style and the length. The HiClips can be left in overnight or prolonged lengths of time for more volume.

The founder and owner of Gawden, LLC, is Bojana. Gawden is a product design and development company, who is committed to finding solutions to everyday problems. Bojana is an inventor with over 13 years of product design and development experience, with eight published patents and four pending.

HiClips, one of the first of many products made by Gawden,LLC, were made out of necessity. After many years of dealing with hair rollers, pins, hair teasing, and styling products, Bojana started thinking how to have vivacious hair the easy way. She set out to create a device that would lift the hair, yet with little effort to achieve. She thought nothing worked better than her fingers, so she set out to create a 3D model of something that would simulate the simple gesture of fingers running through hair from the roots.

I tend to scoff at all hair products, because of the many that I have used that haven't done a thing for my flat hair. I tried the HiClips and for good measure I wore them to bed the first time. I really liked the results of my hairstyle the next day. Before the HiClips I would of said that I would definitely need something very complicated to achieve a hairstyle that I liked, but it was totally easy. I have since just used the blow dryer and have gotten pleasing results.

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