Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Essential Baby Care App

We had the opportunity to review The Essential Baby Care Guide App.

I know from personal experience that whether you are on your first baby or your third, a mother always has questions with her newborns. New parents these days get less time with doctors, midwives, and health visitors. Problems can arise at any time of the day or night. Questions about breastfeeding, rashes, or why the baby is not sleeping well.

The Essential Baby Care Guide App is presented by UK's favorite doctor, scientist, and broadcaster professor Lord Robert Winston,who delivers trusted evidence based videos from the UK's top experts and delivers the information to smart phones or tablets in just minutes. New parents need advice and information they can trust, practical advice with demonstrations. It can be difficult to pick up parenting skills from a book or the internet.

The Essential Parent Company was created by Dr. Rebecca Chicot, a Cambridge PhD in child development and parenting, and Diana Hill an award winning BBC Science documentary film maker. The two of them worked together for years at BBC making science documentaries. After they each had their own children they saw the need for visual baby care guides and they realized they had just the backgrounds to make them. It took a few years to get everything off the ground,juggling their work, children, and finding time to figure out how they wanted their DVD's. Their big break came when they won the South Cambridgeshire District Council's "Step Up" award for aspiring small businesses. They beat some tough competition, including biotech companies, the win gave them access to local accountants,lawyer offices, and a PR company, They found four investors and soon after their DVD's were in production followed later by their App.

The Essential Parent Company is a small company funded by four investors. None of their investments come from formula milk or baby food companies, they are a completely independent company. They have followed advice from "UNICEF UK baby friendly", Royal college of pediatrics and other expert organizations to provide parents with independent evidence based information.

We have a new mommy to be in our family, shes due at the end of this month. She is naturally very nervous about having the baby and bringing the baby home. She loves that this app is on her phone and that even if it is 3 am and she is worried with a question, she can look it up and find some information. I wish back when my first baby was small I had access to something like this. My second night home with my son he cried for hours, finally I couldn't take it anymore and I called the doctors emergency number. When he called me back he said "your baby is trying to get use to his environment, simply talk to him" I thought he was crazy but as soon as I started talking and singing to my son he quieted right down and went to sleep. So it could be just the simplest thing your baby needs, at 3 am. I'm also thinking that besides the App I might buy our mommy to be the DVD's.

The app is organized into sections with a lot of information pertaining to caring for babies. There is one chapter on sleeping two on first aid, three on feeding, and four chapters on care development. New sections were added which include a new baby chapter, a chapter about traveling, and another about bonding. Each chapter is divided into little bits of information on particular topics, and they are presented with short videos.

The Essential Baby Care Guide App is free to download. Twenty of the most useful videos come free such as post nasal depression, preventing crying, and nappy demos. There is an option to buy more videos either singularly or in bundles. I would recommend that any new mother could benefit from the app.

The Essential Baby Care App can be purchased HERE For a limited time it is free to download!

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