Friday, January 10, 2014

ABC Action Baby Carrier Review

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for an Action Baby Carrier.

It was a little exciting to when we received our Action Baby Carrier as we have seen a lot of really positive reviews for these baby carriers. I have tried three different carriers and none were satisfactory. One of the carriers I tried had these big huge buckles that I couldn't manage to ever work. As I am a worry wart when it comes to baby products, I like to feel that the carrier is high and secure on my back, I don't like the"slouch" feeling of having to pull up on it every few minutes because I feel like it keeps moving lower down my back.

As its rather chilly in our neighborhood for a walk with our little guy, we decided on a walk around the mall for our test run. The Baby Carrier comes packaged in a small cute zippered bag. We got the toddler carrier which holds 15 lbs to 45 lbs. The instructions are clear and concise, it was no problem getting it on and getting my 25 lb toddler inside. The extra padding on the straps and the buckles did not make the carrier feel heavy, it actually feels pretty light weight. The fabric used to make our carrier is adorable, I really love it. The stitching is reinforced and well done. I was comfortable for the hour and a half we walked around and so was our little guy. I think he prefers my back now to his stroller, so he isn't missing anything.

The Action Baby Carrier is 3 inches taller than Action Baby's regular carrier, offering an inch longer hood and 2 inches smaller in the shoulder webbing because these are mostly used for back carries and gives a tighter fit. The of the seat across is 19 inches. The carrier supports hip, spine, leg and pelvis development. The cross strap supports internal system. To wash the Action Baby Carrier spot washing is suggested. If it needs to go in the washer it should get washed on gentle in cold water and hung up to line dry. Frequent washing is not recommended.

Action Baby Carrier started off with another name at first, their first product was called Active Mo Carriers. They were mei tai style tie baby carriers. It started in 2006 when a few family members of Angela Alexander, were having babies. She didn't want to get typical with gifts she wanted to get creative. She decided to sew up a few baby carriers, and the first one took 9 hours. She decided to keep sewing and with her husbands help, she was decided to post a question on a baby wearing forum asking people if they wanted to a baby carrier. She got 35 orders her first night. Fans of the Active Mom Carriers demanded buckle carriers. After some protesting manufacturing gave the people what they asked for the Action Baby Carrier.

The Active Baby Carriers is a big hit, and I quite agree. They are manufactured in the USA. The design is simple and effective. They have honored their commitment to make sure people can afford to carry and bond with their babies.

Action Baby Carriers are affordable without taking away from the quality of the product, or style as they are really cute. Being they are safe, stylish and made in the USA , mom to grandma would definitely recommend this to any mother.

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