Friday, January 10, 2014

Beautiful Wall Decals

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Recently we had the opportunity to facilitate a review for wall Decals from Beautiful Wall Decals.

Before I ever heard of any companies that manufactured any type of wall stickers or decals, I loved to come across beautiful stickers for wall decor. At the time it was mostly something I did in our bedrooms, mostly due to it not being all that easy to remove a standard sticker from the wall. Either you pulled paint off the wall, or you get left with the icky residue. After I realized that people were starting to produce wall decals I was eager to try some myself. Unfortunately a couple places I had tried had some beautiful decals but I might as well have put regular stickers on my walls. Actually, my husband wasn't too happy about having to repaint a whole room due to one experience. He was a little leery when I received some decals from Beautiful Wall Decals, but I had read a lot of positive things about Beautiful Wall Decals. Decals are quite the thing now, and I love seeing others personality and style showing in unique and personalized sayings on their walls.

I was really pleased with Beautiful Wall Decals all the way around. I decided to forego choosing my own decal when they offered, I asked them to surprise me with a birdcage and gave them my colors. They cared enough to really narrow down to what I wanted. Recently, I have found myself really into birdhouses and birds, and in my dining room I have a collection my grandma passed down to me. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my decal to find a birdcage with some pretty little teal birds, hanging from a tree branch. With your decals you also get simple instructions to follow along, an installation tool, and a sample decal. So, after using the sample decal and showing my husband all is still well, he blew a sigh of relief and I easily applied my birdcage with the adorable teal birds. It looks great! We are very pleased with this product, and the customer service at Beautiful Wall Decals is superb. They show they care about the customer being satisfied.

Beautiful Wall Decals offers several thousand products to choose from. There is a large variety of inspirational quotes, and beautiful designs, and colors! I a interested in ordering a couple more decals and I noticed that there was about 62 colors I could choose from. The decals are cut not printed, and the vinyl is the highest quality they offer on the market. They always offer the free decal and shipping is free on all size orders in the united states. The decals are made in the USA.

We would give Beautiful Wall Decals all stars. I have had a lot of compliments about mine. There is no clear backing and the decals look painted.

You can connect to Beautiful Wall Decals via Facebook and Their Website

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