Thursday, July 31, 2014

Invisible Glass Review by Stoner

We had the opportunity to review Stoner Invisible Glass products

When we received the box from Stoner's we immediately decided to put the products to the test. As we prepared to wash the car we were really impressed with the the glass cleaning kit Stoner's had sent us. It included one aerosol can of premium glass cleaner, one trigger bottle of glass cleaner, one canister of disposable cleaning wipes, one reach and clean tool, one headlight restoration kit, two packets of rain repellent, one microfiber towel, and 20 individually wrapped lens cleaners.

Invisible Glass has a clear dry formula, it is stronger than ordinary glass cleaners. The unique blend of cleaning agents dries very quickly and will leave no streaks. The cleaner will easily remove oily dirt and grease in the kitchen, It will get rid of fingerprints, smears, sap, bugs, and extra grime on windows.

The Invisible Glass Cleaner has no additives. Other brands of glass cleaners will contain scents and dyes that cause windows to streak and have residue. I found having the container of disposable wipes very convenient for quick yucky clean-ups. The wipes are 33% larger than other brands, it makes holding onto them and cleaning more surface area easy. They will not leave lint behind, nor do they easily tear like some I have used in the past. They can be used in the home, office, or vehicle wiping away dirt, fingerprints, pet slobber, and much more.

Another great convenience is the reach and clean tool. I have put that tool to work cleaning hard to reach windows. The reach and clean tool combines an ergonomic, long reach handle and a large wedge-shaped pivoting head with two washable and reversible covers. A convenient hang loop unscrews to fit any standard thread pole for extended reach. It also contains a mesh bag for easy storage.

The lens wipes are just as handy for cleaning eyeglasses, camera lenses, optics and much more. They also leave no streaks and no lint. In fact these and the disposable wipes are the first that I have used that do not leave lint on my glass. They are 30% bigger than other brands.

The 22 oz. trigger pump bottle has a heavier, more direct spray for those times you need extra for the tough jobs. The aerosol can sprays a light mist that sticks to glass, it will not run or get on dashboard. The Invisible glass formula is more powerful than "blue water" glass cleaners. It will evaporate quick and completely leaving no streaks behind. It was formulated to dissolve and remove the unique film that builds up on the interior windshield. Don't forget to use the microfiber towel. Microfiber's lint free material traps and lifts the dirt. It is more absorbent than terry or cotton towels, it will hold seven times its weight!

We thought the results of cleaning the car were great. It was no problem that the windows are tinted slightly, and there were absolutely no streaks. I wash not just the windows but our appliances, computers, even the glass in my picture frames have gotten a cleaning. We give Stoner's Invisible Glass a big thumbs up!

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