Saturday, August 30, 2014


Recently we had the opportunity to review the Arc Customizable Notebook System, a unique line of notebooks and accessories from M by Staples. I have always been a writer, I love to write, and keep lists to be organized. I have notebooks and organizers for things that need to be done daily, places we need to go, and just general things we need to remember. I keep a notebook of D.I.Y. projects that I have either started or want to start, and another for house projects that need to get done. I really love it when I find a new cool looking notebook, and pens galore! My husband will roll his eyes and ask me what could I possibly need another notebook for? There is always a new recipe to write down, there's always something new to remember to get back to later. Truth is I'm just an organizing junkie, and a pen and paper kind of girl. The problem I have with most notebooks and organizers is that they are not really customizable. I find often that most notebooks and organizers do not fit my needs, and have sections that I don't have any use for. they are not really customizable to my needs. Imagine my glee when we received the Arc Customizable Notebook System with accessories. I instantly fell into like with this notebook, You can customize the way that you organize. The Arc customizable Notebook System with accessories that we received is a beautifully poly made 8.5 in/po x 5.5 in/po notebook. To keep everything in my different categories there are tear resistant poly dividers with pockets or tabs, and fun colored page flags. Task pads were also included for quick notes and grocery lists. It is a simple system that is easily customizable. The heavy weight paper moves easily in and out of the plastic discs. Its ultra flexible design allows you to add remove and rearrange to fit your needs uniquely. With the colored tabs it makes it easy to know exactly where you want to be. It is a great way to make busy lives somewhat easier. I can carry the notebook with me as it fits in my purse. I like that I can personalize it to my liking, and that as my needs change it will be affordable to purchase extra accessories for the notebook.

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