Sunday, August 17, 2014

Behind Scenes at a Wedding

For the couple getting married the wedding is a grand announcement of the love they share. Time spent with family and friends expressing their love one to the other. A celebration of unification the two feel. Joyous time spent promising themselves to their partner. We all know the feelings and reasons behind how the two being married have but what about the rest of the congregation?

For some it is a bittersweet time as they "give" their beloved child to another and "gain" a child that they have to except as is. They did not raise this child so often the thoughts and opinions are different, sometimes only a little and sometimes vastly. For others the wedding and reception are a way to share with their friend or loved one the joy of the event. Some come to socialize as there is a large group of family or friends and yet others come to party, eat, drink and be merry.

I was of the first group in the wedding I attended last Saturday. My son and his girlfriend of five years were married. It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous venue and lots of family and close friends. From the flowers to the ceremony to reception everything went perfectly. The bride looked stunning and the groom like he was going to be sick but the anxiety lifted and all went as planned. As I sat there watching my mind jumped from one thought to another. My son was marrying this woman and you know the saying "A daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life - a son is a son till he takes a wife" kept flowing through my mind at the same time I was thinking how amazingly lucky I was to have my son marrying the perfect woman. Beautiful, strong, hard working, and most importantly she loves my son with all that is in her. They each made the right choice with each other and may they be blessed until eternity! A few of you may remember seeing the engagement photos 2 years ago, even if not here are a few of the wedding photo's.


  1. Nice looking couple and I wish them the best

  2. We arrived a little over an hour before the event and were told right away by our awesome waitress that a special menu on the table would begin serving half priced food that day.