Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greenchild Creations os Fitted Flannel Cloth Diaper Review

We have had the opportunity to facilitate a review for a flannel fitted cloth diaper from Greenchild Creations .

Recently, a niece in our family gave birth to a baby boy. She decided to cloth diaper, not only was it a healthy choice for her baby but for the world around him as well. There are many cloth diapers out there to choose from and many of them can get pricey. Then we came across Greenchild Creations who offered an inexpensive solution. The price looked great but we asked ourselves was the quality just as good.

Greenchild Creations sent us a cute little flannel cloth diaper with two baby pins. At first she was hesitant about the baby pins she was afraid she would stick the baby, but after the easy process of putting the cloth diaper on the baby with no pin pricks she was more at ease. She decided that she actually liked using the pins better. The baby is so small right now that a couple of his other diapers look all bunched up on him, using the pins she got a better fit.

The flannel fitted diaper is made using three layers of fabric, with the third layer creating an inner pocket. An additional insert can be added for extra absorbency There is elastic in the back and legs. The design of leg gusset area helps with leakage, the elastic is super stretchy for a snug fit. You set the rise to desired length by folding down the front of the diaper to where you need it to fit on the child The wings are folded around the waist and held while pinning. As it is a fitted, its not waterproof so you would need to put a cover on it, especially at night. Right now the little one is so small, and with the three layers it is perfect for a day diaper.

Anne, a Minnesota WAHM is the owner and operator of Greenchild Creations, she has also been running an Etsy shop since 2010. She has been passionate natural products and nature since grade school. She has been making natural lotions, cold process soaps, and other crafty items for several years. Anne is a kind woman, while being very busy she went out of her way to make sure our experience with her and Greenchild Creations was a great one. We appreciated that and we think the customer service is wonderful.

After putting Anne's customized flannel cloth diaper to the test, we can for certain it is of great quality. We like that it will grow with the baby, and that as he grows and wets more often all we have to do is add an insert for extra absorbency. It also washes and dries quickly. Anne uses cotton flannel, cotton twill, and/or bamboo to make her fitted diapers.

Overall our experience with Greenchild Creations was excellent, the flannel fitted cloth diaper is fit, sturdy, high rise, and trim. We believe it will last a very long time!


  1. I love the design on this diaper. I have never heard of Greenchild Creations, will have to check it out.

  2. I love this design, this is one of the cutest i have seen

  3. That is an adorable pattern! How cute!