Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Then and Now

Labor Day was initially started to revere the labor agencies for their huge part in making the workers socially and economically grow. Labor Day first began in 1982. The Central Labor Union wanted a holiday for it's workers. The first Monday in September was chosen to narrow the long time frame between July 4th and Thanksgiving. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1984. The holiday was intended to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of the labor and trade organizations. The day was enjoyed by all with street parades and a festival to be enjoyed my workers and their families.

Later on in years important men and women would give speeches. Now it is mostly only in election years that the speeches are given. All Government offices, schools, and most businesses are closed. Leaving many free to relax. Nowadays people use this holiday to have end of summer get together's such as picnics, BBQ's, travel, fair's or anything that can mainly only be done in the summer weather. Public transportation usually does not run on the usual schedule.

My family has done many different things to celebrate Labor Day. When my grandmother was still with us my father's side of the family would have a huge pig roast with many friends and our family. We have also went for short 3 day trips such as to national parks like Letchworth. Some years it was a fair or carnival and the others were always big picnics or get together's of some kind. Once I became a mom we would do whatever my family was doing then always make sure we had time to stop at our local park where there has always been a grand Labor Day celebrations with street performers, vendors of all kinds, fire and police exhibits and face painting with balloons for the young.

What do you do on Labor Day? Which is your favorite?

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