Friday, August 29, 2014

Thankful to be an American

We hear a lot of complaining from people all around us. The gas is so high, electric is going up again, the Tea Party did this, the Republicans are just making the rich richer, the Democrats are just a bunch of cry baby liberals, I have a cavity, my friend hasn't returned my book yet, it's so hot outside today, this winter is suppose to be like a deep freeze, taxes are so high, I had to work on a Saturday for FOUR hours, look how much a semester of college has gone up, the government is slowly taking our rights away etc Well, lately I have heard so much about fighting in the Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq. The refugees from Syria are spread out in five countries. Doctors, lawyers, architects from Syria all the way down to the very poor are living in refugee camps, living with the bare minimum. Not knowing where members of their families are or rather they are alive or dead. That is something to worry about. These things make my life seem so trivial.

Then we have the countries getting demolished, run over by terrorists. People being shot for choosing Christianity rather than Islam. Journalist being murdered for propaganda. Countries where many of their people go without clean water to drink or immunizations for their children. Africa now has Ebola infecting their people (as many as 20,000 by January is being predicted.)

All of this and so much more makes our lives seem so much better, almost perfect. I feel awful for whining about such trivial things as living below the poverty line or having diabetes. I plan to think about the rest of the world when something gets me down or I feel the need to complain that the doll my granddaughter wants for her birthday is a whole $29.99. I am thankful to be an American but instead of just saying it I hope to live it. We have a great country and we shouldn't take advantage of our blessings.

Did you think of any reasons to be 'Thankful your an American'?

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