Thursday, September 18, 2014

A little update...

I am giving a little update on the short post I wrote HERE . My life has been spinning out of control in many directions. I got very sick and finally decided to quit smoking 9 years ago. I was very angry that I had to give something up and tried for the absolute easiest way to get through it. Eating seemed to be the answer. It helped subside my cravings and I did quit cold turkey. I gave no concern to the fact that I was picking up another bad habit (well making it worse.) I ate in the morning, all day and half the night. Of course healthy food wasn't the option, oh no, it was cookies, cakes and pies. Pizza, wings and soda, ice cream and candy. You all know where I am going with this. After I had gained ONE HUNDRED POUNDS I thought hmm I already weighed too much maybe that wasn't such a good idea but by then I was so down I didn't think I'd ever loose the weight so I remained that way, for years.

Fast forward 8 years - I can barely move. I am in a wheel chair do to an injury and don't care about anything except my children and grandchildren that was. My son's wedding was in less than a month and I looked like a cow, for real. I wanted to go swimming but didn't have the strength to get in the pool, thought about a road trip but even going an hour away to find a dress for the wedding was so much exertion I hated it. I had finally hit rock bottom. I couldn't even exercise to help loose the weight because I had no motivation to move. I decided this is it "I have known for awhile I have high sugar so do something, anything before it is too late." I am on oxygen for COPD so the best attack would be my weight. I made a Drs. Appt. July 7th and haven't looked back. I have been eating much healthier no goodies. Meat, vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and water. After the first week it became a little better than the end of the world lol. I'm not saying I didn't eat a piece of blueberry pie my cousin brought up for me but I didn't eat the whole pie! One piece then I gave it away. I am just much more conscious of what goes in my mouth. It is harder for a diabetic to loose but not impossible.

I was seen for a 2 month check up on September 17th and am down 11 pounds. For me this is absolutely amazing! At first I was disappointed that I went through all THAT and only lost 11 pounds in 2 months but the Dr. explained to me that 11 pounds with no exercising, dieting only was more than she ever expected so I will take each pound as one pound less and one pound closer to me getting my life back.

Do any of you stress with diabetes or weight control?

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