Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Started ... Boo

Are you one of those parents that count down the days till school starts in the late summer or are you one that would rather it didn't start? I'm of the later group. Since my first child went to school I dreaded the day they would return. That fact didn't change even with four children. I liked them home with me. I know all children need a good education, although, part of me didn't want to share them. There was always so many chances to spend quality time with them also so many family things to do during the summer.

Now that I have grand children I feel the same, well, almost. Of course I don't have my grand children near as much, they are there all summer if they want to visit or if I want to call them up to come spend some time at grandma's. I love kissing them goodnight and waking up to little footsteps pitter pattering through the house. I still have one of the four that isn't old enough for school yet. I should be thankful.

They had a grand summer though. One filled with travel to state parks, amusement parks, Bible School, Girl Scout camp, swimming, soccer, parties, a wedding, picnics, BBQ's, and of course lots of time with grandma (I guess I do like both parents working after all.) Excitement filled the air as they prepared for going back to school. How could I deprive them of that and all their school friends? They have cheer leading and flag football also to keep them busy. I'll just have to feel blessed and cherish each moment I do get to spend with them during the school year.

What are your thoughts about children going back to school?


  1. I too fall in the latter group. At the moment, my son is 12 weeks old, but I am very much considering home schooling because sending him off to school sounds so terrible. Also, I'm not a fan of the public education system

  2. I like the fun of getting things ready for back-to-school but I'd rather my son stay just a little longer. There's so many fun things to do when he's here. We're not really tht type of parent that allows children to "hold them back" from fun things. Ya know, those parents that say "we can't because of our kids". As long as it's safe, and legal of course, we bring him along. River rafting, hiking, skiing, road trips, etc.

  3. I also fall into the later group. I want them to be home with me. I love my quality time.

  4. My son is only 2yo, but I'm considering home schooling at this point. I love it when it's around me, even when he's going through his phases.

  5. My son is too young for school, but I have a feeling I will be part of both groups at the same time.