Monday, October 13, 2014

A Biopsy and a Picture

To check for breast cancer there are two kinds of biopsies that I know of and have read about. The first, a syringe biopsy which I admit to personally knowing nothing about, but if you or a loved one are worried you may have breast cancer or your Dr. suspects it, this is a read for you.

The second form of biopsy for breast cancer is a punch biopsy. The Dr. takes out a circular area of skin and flesh about the size of a pencil from the breast he/she has suspicion about. How deep he/she goes is personal to each individual, I believe, although the specific tool used only goes so far in.

Now that I have some of you shaking in your shoes, the reason I am talking about this today is because I was scared crapless to have this procedure done. I have high anxiety and may I add I am a wuss, always have been. Shots - not for me, minor surgeries - not for me, dentists - not for me. Now of course I've had to do some of these things in my fifty years on earth. I could not avoid everything!

I expected the syringe biopsy and was told by the receptionist that they are done in a hospital setting, therefore, I was not worried at all about the Dr. performing a biopsy at my first appointment, (with the surgeon.) It was, after all, at his office. Now this didn't mean I wasn't over thinking about a strange Dr. touching my breast or anything else that might need done. The not knowing really gets to me and I'm sure many others.

My daughter (well, all my children) have been wonderful since I first was told the Dr. suspected cancer. She took me to all my appointments and the one with the surgeon was no different. She tried talking about everything but the appointment on the way and during our very short wait.

First the nurse asked me a million, or so it seemed, questions. She was very kind and positive. As the Dr. walked in I felt any calmness get up and RUN out of the room. He was soft spoken but direct. He said he would be doing a biopsy of my breast. I gasped in horror. Luckily he didn't give me time to think because I might have ran, well, walked as fast as I could, I'm in no shape to run anywhere... As I laid on bed I could feel every muscle in my body tense. He assured me I wouldn't feel it but yeah right, he is a surgeon, to him this was nothing and his words meant nothing to me. He said I would feel a pinch then a second later the nurse repeated a little pinch I expected the numbing solution would burn like I had always remembered but when I asked him. in a not so kind voice "when are you going to do it"? He said "do what" I said "numb me, do the biopsy." He replied I'm all done, all you need is to wait for a little band aid. Oh, My, Wow! At that moment I was so elated. I forgot that this was just the beginning of a long road. This part was OVER with no pain. I. felt. nothing.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen if you are worrying about a punch biopsy do not waste your positive energy! A few hours later I bumped my breast and felt a little discomfort but that is it. I hope this helped or will help at least one person from over thinking such a procedure.

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