Monday, October 20, 2014

American Dream Doll Outfit from DreamWorld Review

We had the recent opportunity to facilitate a review for an American Doll Outfit from DreamWorld Collections for an honest and unbiased review.

When I was a little girl, I loved playing with my dolls My favorite doll was named Priscilla. I remember dressing my dolls in newborn baby clothes, my mom would pass along to me after my little sister grew out of them.I remember often wishing I had doll clothes that were made just for my doll. Most of what I dressed her in was way too big. We were lucky our dolls would close their eyes when you laid them down. I absolutely love the collection of dolls that come out today.

My grand-daughter received a gorgeous 18 inch Adora Doll. Immediately, I thought I wanted to make sure she had outfits she could change her doll into. She loves that doll and finds it important to dress her new doll in a sweater if it is chilly, or a dress if she's going somewhere special. I love watching her be an imaginary mommy.

I came across DreamWorld Collections , an online store that has many amazing outfits for dolls. I was delighted when the shop owner, Edyta agreed to send me one of the outfits for a review. All of the outfits at DreamWorld Collections are made for dolls that are 18 inches. We received a stylish outfit with a long sleeved white cotton blouse, a sequined pink star on the front, and a ruffled pink sequin skirt. A pair of the cutest hot pink boots finished off this stunning outfit. This outfit was designed in the USA, and sold exclusively at DreamWorld Collections. You can tell the outfit was designed carefully, attention was put into detail. I have found a lot of doll clothes that have been carelessly sewed together and it don't last long with the many outfits little girls like to change their dolls in, in just a day. This outfit was designed and sewed perfectly for little girls to handle getting their babies in and out of it.The doll outfits at DreamWorld are sophisticated and elegant, trendy and stylish.

Creator of DreamWorld Collections Edyta sounds like a sweet caring person. She's a mother and a wife. Her mother was a dressmaker while she was growing up. Edyta would use her mother's fabric scraps to try and fashion clothes for her dolls. When she had a daughter of her own, she remembered her childhood dreams to use beautiful fabric to make her doll clothes She began to feel like she was living her dream, making doll clothes for 18 inch dolls. She was fortunate her husband had a passion for photography and web designing. They created a website and began sharing their dream with the world.

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