Friday, October 17, 2014

Build A Dream PlayHouses

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the Imagine Wagon Play house from Build A Dream Playhouses . Although we received a sample this is our honest and unbiased opinion.

I can't count how many times over the years the many cardboard boxes my kids have taken to the playroom. Whether it was a large vacuum box or a small box that had held groceries, they always found ways to get creative with the boxes. Our grandson who is a toddler right now is no different he loves playing with the cardboard boxes. I also knew that he was going to love the Imagine Wagon from Build A Dream Playhouses.

The playhouse arrived quickly. I was surprised to see it came in a large thin like box. Inside, though is several pieces of cardboard big and small inside. Included in the box is an easy to read and follow Instruction Guide. It took my husband and I only about 15 minutes to put the Imagine Wagon together. If for any reason you still need a little more instruction on how to put the playhouses together, Build A Dream Playhouses have done Videos depicting the playhouses being put together.

The playhouse was made in the USA. The packaged weight was about 10 lbs. It comes with 5 cardboard sections and is easily assembled. There is no special skills that you need for construction, and you will not need any fasteners or adhesives. The features of the Imagine Wagon's Playhouses include a rack for ice cream. The interior is spacious, bigger than I assumed it was going to be. Doors at the rear of the playhouse open up. There are side view cardboard mirrors, and the dashboard folds down. I found it helpful to have my husband help me with the construction.

The Corrugated cardboard is safe for children, and completely durable. All products are tested to conform to the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Build A Dream Playhouses have gone the extra mile to do testing not mandated by law to further insure the safety of the products they bring to the market. They feel they not only have a commitment to their valued customers but also to the environment, their products are manufactured from 80% recycled materials that result in an end product that is 100% recyclable.

Build A Dream Playhouses was founded by Cleveland father, who is dedicated to the future of the city of Cleveland, the State of Ohio, and the imaginations of children. In order to achieve that, while reflecting on his city's hard times, this father collaborated with the world famous Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates, a group of children 3-9 years old, and the Smurfit Stone Container Corporation, Build A Dream Playhouses is now proud to introduce to everyone what they believe is the most innovative and fun playhouses on the market. Build A Dream Playhouses strives to deliver safe, affordable, eco-friendly products that stimulate and encourage the endless imagination of all children. Their quality products offer the tangible framework for children to place their intangible dreams.

At Build A Dream Playhouse they know that cardboard boxes have been an outlet for children's creativity for years. They believe imaginative play is absolutely critical to the developing minds of children. This is why Build A Dream Playhouses created a line of products centered on creativity and imagination. They supply the blank canvases and continue to be amazed to see their products transformed into unique one of a kind playhouses. The cardboard allows the products to be colored , painted , decorated and customized to please the dreams of every child.

Our grandson absolutely loves his playhouse and so do we. I like that it is extremely durable, if you think just because this is cardboard that it won't last long, that's not the case at all. It is made to last a long while, and has versatility. It is great for outside or inside use. Eventually we are going to color and paint the Imagine Wagon playhouse. Our grandson likes to pretend he is selling candy and ice scream from the window. He also just likes sitting inside and playing with his toys.

One of Mom To Grandma's Readers are going to have the chance to win The Cosmic Cruiser or The Dream Machine from Build A Dream Playhouse. They only ask that if you have won a playhouse from another giveaway that you give some other person a chance at winning one.

You can connect with Build A Dream via Facebook , @BuildADreamPH and Their Website

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  1. These are awesome! And yes kids love playing with boxes! lol I think I might get my granddaughter one. Thanks for the review. I wondered if they were durable.