Friday, October 17, 2014

DarbySmart Review

We had the fantastic opportunity to facilitate a review for a project kit DarbySmart . We received a sample, although, these are our honest opinions.

Do you like to D.I.Y.? If you do you should check out the the project kits and supplies at DarbySmart. I love to D.I.Y. and have hopes of sharing more of those projects here with you soon.

I anxiously anticipated the kit's arrival, I couldn't wait to see what kind of crafting goodies I would receive. It turned out to be a neat surprise indeed. At around the same time I was finishing up a couple projects in my kitchen. The DarbySmart kit included a 5 piece wooden spoon set to paint. I was lucky enough that even the paint colors matched my kitchen colors.

The box the kit arrived in is super cute and I intend to save and reuse it. The kit included a simple detailed information card, it was very simple to understand. As I have heard they always strive to make their instruction cards easy to understand. The kit also included two Martha Stewart paints, a couple of paint sponges and of course the 5 wooden spoons. The whole project didn't take long to finish at all, and the finished project looks great! I love the wooden spoons.

DarbySmart offers D.I.Y projects based on the latest fashions and trends. The kits will all contain the simple instructions for your project and chic material. DarbySmart will take the stress out of simple stylish projects by sending everything you need right to your door.

DarbySmart puts today's fashions right at your fingertips. They know how important style is and how magical creating something of your own can be. They have a fabulous community for designers, who are constantly creating new projects. DarbySmart turns their projects into D.I.Y. kits.They even invite you to be a project designer.

I have my eye on a couple more great looking projects at DarbySmart. For the quality of their kits they are quite affordable. Grab your own D.I.Y. kit, or mystery box, create your own stylish project and add a picture of your finished project to DarbySmart's Showroom. Where you can hashtag #darbysmart/#madebyme on instagram or twitter. Share your creativity with others!

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  1. how cute did that turn out!! i will definitely have to check this out!!! i like that they're in with the fashion trend!