Monday, October 13, 2014

Do your children get enough exercise?

I am always thinking about how much exercise my generation of children received compared to the children of the last decade and here and now? With all the video games, iPads, iPods, phones, tablets, computers and so much more "techy" stuff.

My generation played outside summer and winter, walked more, rode bikes more, played in creeks and corn fields, almost all activities were active. Roller skating, ice skating, swimming. My grandchildren play sports all year round and play outside for many hours every day, although I don't see this from many children.

The reason I am posting this (other than to show off my grandchildren) is I have diabetes and it isn't pretty. Statistics show that more than ever the number of children with diabetes has risen. This should be a concern to all of us as they are our future. It is time for change. If everyone fed their children a little bit more healthy and saw to it that they participated in more physical activity we could start to turn this epidemic around. Knowledge is power after all. As is desire to change.

There are 3 main causes; family history, not enough exercise and being overweight. Today's society allows for so many unhealthy foods that it is very easy for a child to become overweight if they are not physically active. All children should have a chance at the healthiest life possible. I understand that there are many obstacles such as childhood diseases, accidents and so forth that are not controllable but diabetes in most cases can be avoided or controlled. A healthy lifestyle of both good diets and plenty of exercise help vastly. Some diabetes can even be reversed by changing the diet and exercise routine.

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