Saturday, October 18, 2014

Empathy Toy from Twenty One Toys Review

We had the opportunity to review The Empathy Toy from Twenty One Toys . Although we received a sample this is our honest and unbiased opinion.

I am always looking for things my boys can do together, to help them get along better, communicate better, and just generally like each other on some days. If there is an argument to be had they will find it. I decided long ago, that I just couldn't listen to the advice that some of the things they should be feeling or showing one another or the rest of the world would come later on in their lives, I want to help make sure these things start deep rooted inside them from this time as boys until they are adult men. I have been successful there are some things they do very well together. I am happy to add The Empathy Toy to that hopefully growing list.

The concept of The empathy Toy is that one player puts five blocks together, and then has to aid a second player in putting together their own set of blocks in the same exact way. Did I mention-while being blindfolded.

Each toy set comes in a nice wooden box, a plastic piece slides in to cover the top. The Box will include 5 dark, and 5 light wood puzzle pieces. A drawstring bag, 3 blindfolds, a way to play sheet, and an Educators Guidebook for K-12.

Basic Game Play Of Empathy toy is first choosing the roles of the guide, builder, and the observer. The Guide and the Builder explore how the puzzle pieces fit together. The Observer instructs the Guide and Builder to put their blindfolds on. The Observer gives the Builder the light puzzle pieces, and then assembles a pattern of dark pieces and gives it to the Guide. The Builder must assemble their puzzle pieces to match the Guides pattern. They have only their words to describe the pattern. The Observer watches but can not speak. If the Guides pieces fall apart, an observer may put them back together. When the Builder and Guide believe they have matching puzzle patterns they remove their blindfolds and ask one another the following questions. "What was most challenging for the Observer, Guide, and Builder?" "How did the players help each other?" "What instructions worked more and less effectively?" "How your communication changed throughout the game?" "Why did it change?"

Twenty One Toys is a toy creation company. They design and make a new category of toys that challenge players to hone complex and under-practiced skills like empathy, failure, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Their guided by the principle that play is a unique medium to unlock human potential. Their inspired by communities of educators who push boundaries and show us what s possible with play at all ages. In short they believe toys can do serious things-and that they are underused tools in classrooms, workplaces, and beyond.

Our family really likes The Empathy Toy. We like that it is challenging, that we have to work together, and its great fun on a Friday night. We would like to add more Twenty One Toys to our collection in the future.

You can connect with Twenty One Toys via Facebook and Their Website

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  1. Thats a great thing that its challenging .I would like my whole family to play these kind of games to increase the family bond