Sunday, October 5, 2014

V. Alert Review

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for V.ALRT-Personal Emergency Alert Device by VSN Mobile . We were given a sample, although, our opinions are honestly our own.

I am an over protective mother, with children who often tease me about being "too paranoid" with a roll of their eyes. How in this day and age can you NOT worry about your child out there exploring the world, especially if you can't always be near.

This is the first year my youngest child has had to attend school without his big brothers, who have moved onto the high school. I dreaded this year for a long time. I did everything I could to try and prepare him. We talked about crossing at the lights, taking only one route to and from school, and stranger dangers. No matter how often I lecture or we talk about this I am still nervous, there are still "what if's.."

Recently we received the V.ALRT, a Personal Emergency Alert Device. As I learned about the device I thought it couldn't of came at a better time. This could give me some kind of peace of mind, knowing my son could alert me if he had any kind of emergency.

The V.ALRT is actually a pretty simple device. You need to own a Smartphone which uses Google Play or App Store. You will have to download V.ALRT app. When setting up the app you will be asked questions about who to call during an emergency, as well as who to text. When you hit the button these people will be the ones alerted to your emergency. You now have personal protection wherever you go.

You can wear the V.ALRT however you please. It can be a necklace, or on a key chain. You can wear it as watch, a band is provided for just that. The watchband is a soft black silicone, made for comfort. You can stick it on your kids bikes if you choose or their helmets, they easily stick to objects.

When you are having an emergency the V.ALRT will take action with a simple press of a button. When the button is pressed it will send text messages, call your contacts, and send an approximate location of your whereabouts. With certain limitations it can also detect if you have fallen. The V.ALRT can also be a sound and visual alarm in case your not able to yell for help you can still be heard.

The V.ALRT can range up to 75' indoors and 300' outdoors. It uses one battery that comes with it at the time of purchase. Depending on usage this battery could last up to a year. The devise is waterproof.

I absolutely love when technology advances to help keep people safer. I like that I can be rest assured if my son needs me he is going to press that button. Having that little sense of peace concerning my child is priceless.

You can purchase V.ALRT at VSN Mobile or amazon .

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