Saturday, November 8, 2014

IQ Steps Review from SmartGames

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for IQ Steps from SmartGames. Although we received a sample, this is our honest and unbiased review.

My teenage son and I really get into logic games and puzzles. The kind that you really have to use your brain. We like to challenge each other to see who can figure it out first. My son is very smart, and besides building his smarts, I believe it really helps his ever growing ego when he gets one or two up on his mom. I am always looking for games that might be a fun new challenge for us.

We received IQ STEPS from SmartGames . It's a brain-building game for one player. It's a game/puzzle that may first appear to be too easy. I assure you, with this one you will have to watch your step.

The object of IQ Steps is to fit all of the puzzle pieces onto the grid, one by one. It will sound simple with 8 pieces. Watch your step! The pieces have two layers and overlap each other. You will only be able to fit all the pieces on the game board when you place them in the right orientation and order.

Choose a challenge and place the designated puzzle pieces as indicated on the board. You have to try and fit remaining puzzle pieces onto the game board. There will be only one possible solution for each of the 120 challenges.

SmartGames has an impressive catalog of games. Any puzzle enthusiast would be delighted about their awesome collection. The series IQ was designed by Raf Peeters. There are six different designs (so far), their all quite interesting and very addictive.

Designing new SmartGames is a challenge every time. The complete design process itself is a giant puzzle. Each element has to fit, everyone at Smart contributes. The designer team at Smart says one of the most important aspects of their work is choosing the right combination of game rules and game components. The systematical choice for quality is retrieved in every phase of the product development. From the concept over selection of the challenges to the graphical design of the packaging and the booklet that comes with the game, every detail is processed with lots of care.

My son and I are impressed with IQ Steps from SmartGames. We both look forward to getting other games from them as well. We haven't figured out all 120 challenges, but my son says he will get them all figured out!

You can connect with SmartGames via Facebook and Website .

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