Saturday, November 15, 2014

Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Review

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Chic, an ultra hydrating lip balm. Although we received a sample, this is an honest and unbiased review.

Carmex has recently came out with an excellent line of lip balms out in four different Limited Edition graphic prints. With prints like a refined black and white pattern to whimsical, colorful designs, this new collection will allow you to express your personality in a fun and fashionable way. Each of the four new patterns were individually selected to represent the unique personality traits of Carmex users- Chic Fab, Adventurous and whimsical. You can take the "personality quiz" to see which pattern you best fit.
I received the Chic stick, inspired by Audrey. A modern girl Audrey has a classic taste and detests anything garish or overly-embellished, preferring the sophisticated style of black and white patterns with an elegant, high-end aesthetic. You can find her in an upscale art gallery opening or attending a theater performance on Saturday night.

Carma Laboratories Inc. was founded by Alfred Woelbing, the inventor of Carmex, lip balm. Carmex is a family owned and operated business that employs more than 100 people in Franklin, Wis. Carma Laboratories makes Carmex brand lip balms, including a premium lip balm called Carmex Moisture Plus, Ultra Hydrating lip balm, and Carmex skincare products. Carmex is available in major drug, food and mass merchant retailers, at convenience stores throughout the United States, online and in more than 35 countries around the world.

Carmex keeps your lips smooth and soft all winter. The wind can get cruel at this time of the year, meaning your lips could get dry, cracked and painful. Carmex is my favorite brand to keep my lips hydrated. In the summer it is important to keep your lips protected from the sun. The lip balm goes on creamy, doesn't feel or taste greasy. Even better is the sleek stylish sticks they come in. I am a girl who loves her pretty accessories.

You can contact Carmex HERE

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