Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Victor Clean Kill Mouse Traps Review and Giveaway

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the Victor Clean Kill Mouse Traps . Although we received a sample this review is honest and unbiased.

I have to admit if it is not Mickey Mouse, I don't like mice. I will try to climb the walls, or at the least be hiding on the counter if I come across one. A few months ago a neighbor near us let their children have some mice as pets. Unfortunately they got loose and we found one had taken up address at our home.

Over the years, we have tried different traps for mice. A lot of them were pretty messy. As much as I don't like mice, I would feel so bad if we had used a trap that had only half killed the mouse. It just seemed wrong. Mice can be pretty smart too, how many times have you laid a trap for the bait to be stolen, and not even set off the trap! For me, I would just rather the mice be gone. No Mess- No Mouse- Just Gone.

The Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap is definitely the trap for folks who think like me. Let me tell you why

The Clean Kill Mouse Trap from Victor is unlike other traps. It offers a no-see, no touch experience. It's an easy, stress free baiting and setting. These clever covered mouse traps look innocent to unsuspecting mice. Once the mouse enters the trap to get to the bait set at the back of the tunnel, the Kill Gate will produce a quick clean humane kill. There is no chance of the bait being stolen, the bait is located at the back of the tunnel.

These Clean Kill Mouse Traps can be used indoors or outdoors. They contain no poison or chemicals and are completely safe around children and pets. My husband found that setting up the tunnels is very simple. The instructions are printed on the traps. If you would like to watch the set up process there is a video at victorpest.com. You add the bait to the large trough in the back of the tunnel. Anything high in protein like Peanut Butter or Chocolate will attract the rodents. You set the Kill Gate and it's prepared for its guest. The disposal process is also easy. Because of the humane clean kill there is no mess to clean, just empty and reuse if you wish. At $12.70 I think that is an affordable price for a total of four traps.

This clever contraption is made of a highly, durable plastic construction. You can reuse it again and again, discarding at your discretion. Their perfect for people like me who just want a no see no touch experience. We just want rodent gone.No worries of a mess to clean, or any half killed mice. Its a quick humane kill. I would recommend the Victor Clean Kill Mouse Traps to anyone who just doesn't want to see the mouse or deal with the mouse in any way. The trap will do the work for you.

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  1. We get them in our yard because they come eat the fruits in the yards here so we have caught some in the past but the traps we had were horrible .

  2. We had a couple of mice running wild during the night and I almost stepped on one going to the bathroom!

  3. I had not had mice in a long time until a couple of months ago. I'm not a morning person so when I was using the bathroom and a mouse ran by my foot I might have screamed like a little girl.

  4. a mouse running over my foot in the bathroom, lets just say its a good thing i was sitting down. lol

  5. One time in bed and one scurried by my head.