Friday, December 5, 2014

Bobee Elephant Wall Stickers Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

In January, we are expecting a baby to be born and we will be the parents. We are extremely excited and found out she will be a girl. I have been putting together an area for her, as we were not expecting to be parents again at this point in our lives we don't have room for a nursery. I thought that adding the light blue elephant decals from Bobee to the wall would be a perfect addition to this space. These decals are so adorable.

I received five light blue elephant decals in three different sizes. They also offer the elephants in a light pink, purple and grey. The Bobee decals are simple to apply . I carefully removed the paper backing and applied the stickers to the clean wall. You should give the space on the wall where you want the decals applied a quick wipe down. I slowly removed the rest of the paper to reveal the decal, and rubbed them real good to smooth away any wrinkles. I decided that one of the elephants appeared to be spaced wrong. Carefully I removed it and placed it where I wanted it and gave it another rub to smooth it out. I did notice that the spot where I pulled the decal up from had no residue left from where the sticker was sitting for a few minutes while I applied the rest. I'm in love with those little elephants, they are so cute!

The decals from Bobee are made with high quality vinyl by mom, Stacy right here in the USA. Included with the decals is a two year guarantee. Bobee is based in the Seattle area and they make their products in the Pacific Northwest. Their unique designs provide creative accents for the kids rooms, family room and nurseries. There are no worries that there will be any messes to clean up. They install in just a few minutes. They are easily removable and interchangeable at an affordable price.

I am really sold on the Bobee decals and have my eyes on some others I want to get. Along with our adorable elephants Bobee also sent us their cute new bumblebees which I haven't found a place for yet but considering placing them on the mirror in our playroom. Their are so many ideas to use the Bobee decals. You accent walls, mirrors, items around the house, even your car!

You can connect with Bobee via Facebook , @Bobeeinc , Pinterest and Their Website .

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