Monday, December 22, 2014

Brooklyn Beans Roastery Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for coffee from Brooklyn Bean Roastery.

I my coffee. I have tried many different kinds over the years. I first came across the Keurig machine at a friend's house. I decided then I wanted to own one. It wasn't in the budget for awhile but finally my husband came around to my way of thinking and gifted me with one. I continue to love the Keurig but honestly the K-cups for the Keurig are super expensive. My husband had came across some cheap K-cups awhile back, thinking he had found the most smashing deal, they were not worthy of my Keurig. I can't even remember the name of the coffee but it was watery and flavorless.

I was thrilled to be able to review the K-cups from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. I had read the company making a hit in their area. Brooklyn Bean Roastery was founded in 2010, and has since become a pioneer in introducing Keurig-compatible filtered single serve coffee cups to the market. Decades of experience in product engineering led to the design of their unique tension-based filtered technology ensuring that every cup of coffee tastes as good and as fresh as the first one of the day.

All of the coffee from Brooklyn Bean is 100% Arabica coffee, with lightening fast "Roast2Cup" packaging process, and crafted with pride in the USA. We received an assortment package of 40 that included the following blend,

2-Coney Island Caramel (caramel flavored)
2-Oh Fudge (chocolate flavored)
2-Vanilla Skyline (vanilla flavored)
3-French Roast (dark roast)
3-Fudgeddaboutit (dark roast extra bold)
3-Breakfast Blend (light roast)
2-Cinnamon Subway (cinnamon flavored)
3-Breakfast Blend Decaf (light roast)
2-Cyclone (dark roast extra bold)
2-Brooklyn Bridge Blend (medium blend)
3-Boardwalk Blend (medium roast)
3-Express-o (expresso roast)
3-Maple Sleigh (maple flavored)
2-Corner Donut Shop (medium roast extra bold)
3-Columbian (medium roast)

Brooklyn Bean Roastery has taken the variety found throughout Brooklyn and has tried to harness it into their New York City's-centric coffees.

My husband and I have enjoyed every cup of Brooklyn Bean's delicious individual blends. It hard to pick just one flavor as a favorite, it comes down to a couple for each of us, their all great. I suppose if it had to be just one we both favor the French Roast. We want to order more for our New Year's company. The French Roast coffee is a great kick to start the day. It is bold, and none of the coffees are watered down.


"Coffee roasting is an art, and our French Roast is a masterpiece worthy of the Met. We start with our finest Arabica beans, then roast them to perfection to draw out the intense, smoky flavors beloved by serious coffee drinkers the world over. Whether you're on the go or have time to savor every sip, French Roast will satisfy your craving for any nonsense cup of joe."

All Brooklyn Bean's wonderfully delicious individual blends include the highest quality of coffee beans, that are available in 12 specialty blends. The Revolutionary process guarantees extra freshness and premium flavor.

Normally there are mornings I beg the hubby to run out and buy me a hot, bold dark roasted cup of joe, but with Brooklyn Beans in the house, its only a hop skip and jump to have that kick-start pleasure to my day!

You can find this delightful blend of roasted goodness on Amazon for only $21.99 in an easy to open package.
Note: The K-cups from Brooklyn Beans Roastery are compatible with the original Keurig but are NOT compatible with the Keurig 2.0 Brewers.

You can connect with Brooklyn Beans Roastery via Amazon .

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