Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My TOT Clock Review (upcoming giveaway)

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity, along with some help from our little guy to facilitate a review for a revolutionary clock from My Tot Clock .

Recently, our little guy who is now three stopped sleeping in his crib to sleep in a big boy bed. That is when our nights around here began to get longer and longer. It was hard to get him to lay down at night and he would wake up through the night and get out of bed. We received the tot clock and I tried not to get my hopes up too high, but couldn't wait to see if it helped.

We received the new and improved My Tot Clock, which includes a sleep clock, night light, alarm clock, time out timer, and activity timer all in one! The Tot Clock changes colors to teach little ones 2+ when its time to sleep (the blue light) and when its okay to wake up. (a yellow light) Parents set the routine.

My Tot Clock is constructed from sturdy plastic, and a little smaller than the original version. The tot clock comes with the "Its Night Night Time", Tot Clock Treasure, the "Night Sky" faceplate, and AC Adapter, measures 7" x 5.5" x 2".

If you look at the tot clock and get overwhelmed by the buttons. Take a calming breath it is all very simple. All of the buttons are clearly marked, making everything obvious. The settings buttons are hid behind the faceplate. There is a double tap and hold button so that children can not change the settings. The analog face and digital clock show up only when there is power going into the clock. A new setting allows parents to set different wake up times for the weekdays and weekends. A yellow button lets kids know they can get out of bed. A light blue button means it is time to take a nap. There is a green button for encouragement such as timing your child as they read. The red button means it is time out time. The dark blue button will let the kids know it is time for bed.

One of its great features is the cartridge it comes with that reads stories and plays music. You can purchase the Tot Clock Treasures, which are small cartridges that hold different stories like Sleeping Beauty, The Hare and The Tortoise and many more. The lullabies automatically shut off after 30 minutes and if selected the white noise will continue through the night. The sounds of the white noise are like ocean sounds. The changeable face plates are another great feature. You can purchase other fun face plates separately, including Princess, Dora The Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dinosaur Train.

My Tot Clock will teach children the concept of time. The digital clock is another improvement, children actually see the numbers, it will help with time telling. It displays a count down when in nap time, encouragement time, and time out mode. The alarm clock plays music, and the nightlight has 5 levels of illumination. The bedtime or nap button can be set to play a story or play music. There is also buttons for each of the audible functions.

Pamela Gonzalez is a mother and the inventor of My Tot Clock. She says the inspiration for her product actually came from sleep deprivation. Four years ago when Pamela's oldest son Gabriela was 2 years old , his little brother Anthony arrived and took over their baby room. Gabriel slept great in his crib, but not so much great in his big boy bed. He required his mommy to be in the room until he fell asleep. He would wake through the night, sometimes multiple times and end up in his parent's bed. It finally dawned on Pamela that Gabriel was getting up during the nights because he didn't know what time it was. She searched and searched the internet to no avail, for a clock that changes color to let kids know it was time to get up. She vowed then she would invent it.

The new and improved My Tot Clock is ingenious! I love that it is highly customizable and easy to operate. Right now we are only using a couple modes because our little man is still young yet, but the night time music and stories have helped to relax him. The colors and related settings are clear and easy for him to see. We leave the white noise on through the night and he has had a lot more nights that he has slept through the night. I would highly recommend the tot clock as any parent's helper.

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You can connect with My Tot Clock via Facebook and Their Website .

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