Friday, December 26, 2014

Speaker Creature Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for a Speaker Creature from Get On Hand .

My three year old grandson, whose nickname has been Duke since he was six weeks old, (my dad who gave him the nickname, has a little John Wayne obsession) is not fond of the bathtub. It is a real chore to talk him into his bath. Once he is in the bath I have to convince him to keep the water in the tub.

When we received the green octopus bluetooth Speaker Creature from Get On Hand, I wondered could it possibly help to coerce our little guy in the bathtub. He loves music and can actually sing two or three country songs all the way through. So I set out to have those exact songs playing while I got him ready for his tubby.

The Speaker Creatures are wireless Bluetooth speakers to use in your shower or bath. You can rock out in the shower while keeping your devices safe. The Bluetooth wireless connection reaches up to 30 ft. They are a water-resistant, reliable and durable shower buddy designed to belt out tunes and make showering so much better!

The first thing I liked about the green octopus Speaker Creature is how cute it is. You put it on the tub and it looks like one of the bath time toys. The bottom of the speaker has a big suction cup to hold it to the edge of the tub or the shower wall. Its impressive that the suction cup holds it in it's place. Even with all Duke's splashing around and getting the area around the Speaker Creature wet, it never slid or budged.

The Speaker Creature has a USB Port and an on and off switch. There are volume controls on the back and a Skip feature allows you to jump ahead or behind in the playlist. The sound quality is great, it is crisp and loud. My bathroom is on the small side so we had to turn it down a bit.

Well, I'm sad to say that Duke is still not too fond of the bathtub, but has it been less of an ordeal? Absolutely! I could tell he was impressed to have tunes at Tubby Time, and because I played his favorites it distracted him a bit, allowing me to wash him up much easier. My other children think the Speaker Creature is pretty cool too. With almost every shower now, someone is rocking their tunes in our bathroom.

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