Monday, December 15, 2014

We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards Review

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for Parenting Cards including a Downloadable Bundle from We Choose Virtues .

I find that any tools that help me effectively improve my parenting skills, and help me to feel the children are getting some good character training, are welcome here. Virtues are traits or a quality that is desired and considered good by moral standards. Virtues need to taught, modeled and practiced. How many times have you said or heard "Patience is a virtue" Being a mother you realize more than ever that patience isn't something we are born with, it is something we repeatedly have to work on through our lives.

The Parenting Cards are used by parents at home, schools, or anywhere there are children who need help learning great values and character. The cards are available in both King James and the New International Readers Versions. The King James parenting cards were originally created for Jewish families who teach their children from the Old Testament. The International Readers Version of the parenting cards contain verses from both the Old and New Testaments. Both sets of Parenting Cards teach the same list of virtues.

  • *helpfulness
  • *forgiveness
  • *diligence
  • *patience
  • *attentiveness
  • *honesty
  • *perseverance
  • *kindness
  • *contentment
  • *gentleness
  • *obedience
  • *self-control

    The Parenting Cards are 8.5 x 5.5 colorful and creatively illustrated on both sides. The green side of the card has the virtue title with a catchphrase. There is a special Bible verse that I have the kids memorize. The red and white side of the card has the the "teachable moments", including a discussion and short activity. There is a challenge, and a section that teaches how to properly apologize and direction to find the virtue in you favorite books. The Kids of VirtueVille section tells a short story about the character for the virtue.

    We also received the Downloadable Bundle, including a cute coloring book. It features word games and characters that are seen on the front of the virtue cards. Most of the pages have a virtue displayed boldly. There is also an assessment that you use to rate each child on a scale of 1-10 in each virtue area. You reassess monthly. After we assessed ourselves I found it interesting, and eye opening to see where I fell short the kids were also falling short in the same areas.

    The teachers manual had some great tips to refer to. The sing along download was a lot of fun for all of us. It has a song for each virtue, going along with familiar lyrics set to tunes such as "She'll be coming around the mountains" and "B.I.N.G.O". The download also included an award you can give to the child who uses their virtue on a regular basis.

    Many of We Choose Virtues items are available as a digital PDF file for downloading and printing. We Choose Virtues curriculum is available in many different kits. There are classroom and homeschool kits, as well as family kits for smaller children, and much more. Prices vary.

    We Choose Virtues was created by Heather McMillan, in an effort to provide parents and educators character training for children. She designed the program to be fun and life changing for participating children.

    We usually pick one parenting card to focus on for the week. We pin the card to our family center cork board. We take turns reading the card everyday. We each give at least one example of how our virtue of the week fit into our day. The parenting cards are meant for ages 3-18, in my opinion they could work for anyone at any age. We all fall short sometimes, we are, after all human, but with practice our children can grow with a wonderful foundation for loving characteristics and values.

    You can connect with We Choose Virtues via Facebook and Their Website .

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