Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yargis from Plazsoft Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity, along with our children to review a new PC game called Yargis from Plazsoft.

I remember when my brother and I were so excited when we received an Atari. Back when we were younger that's what was cool, and we played all the classic games such as Froggers, Pac-Man, Asteroids and my personal favorite Pit Fall. When my son and I decided to check out Yargis I was reminded of all those great games from my childhood.

Yargis is a fast paced, top view space shooter for the PC. Yargis is a military pilot for earth in the year 3013. Having explored beyond Alpha Centauri and Pluto, there had been no contact with aliens. Until now. An unknown species only known as the Mukka are attacking Earth and its inhabitants. It is up to Yargis to defend Earth and help uncover their plot without getting blown to smithereens!

Yargis is a blending of old and new concepts in gaming. Its reminiscent of the games that were played on the quarter arcade machines and Atari's, with Asteroid like mechanics and the top down view. Yet it possesses 3D graphics and gravity physics found in modern games. Yargis is a family friendly game.

The game features some multiplayer modes and supports game controllers. There is a level editor that players can use to create their own stages and share with other players. The game engine was built from the ground up for the best and most unique experience.

Downloading and installing Yargis was easy. My son created his profile in just a couple of minutes. As I watched him play the first few levels I noticed they had detailed instructions. We both thought the graphics and sounds were great. We also liked that the ship can be moved with both the keypad and the mouse.

The video game was created by a small group of eight talented individuals in St. Lois, Missouri. Their leader, Jeff Minnis, a local business owner who has a passion for technology that is spilling over into video games. Jeff's idea for Yargis came to him when he was just ten years old. It wasn't till 2011 that his dream was put into motion. The team launched a kickstarter campaign in order to complete its goals. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows consumers to support content they want, like Yargis for instance. Jeff and his team hopes Yargis is talked about for years to come, and people have just as much fun playing it as they did making it.

Yargis is an engaging story. My family and I like to play often, it is a fast paced challenging game.

You can connect with Yargis via Facebook , @yargisGame , and Their Website .

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