Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cooper and Kid Kit Subscription Box Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the Cooper Kit from Cooper and Kid.
Cooper and Kid is a new start-up on a mission to enhance the critical rite of passage into fatherhood. A lifestyle brand that serves the fathers of today, they offer curated goods and services. As well as a community of like minded men. The Cooper and Kid Kit contains products and activities designed to enrich quality time between kids and their dads.

The box we received was fun filled with wizards, castles, potion making, and crafting one magnificent cardboard owl. Can't forget to mention the great eco laundry soap for dad!

The subscription box was an exciting surprise for our son. He is really fanatic about magic, wizards, castles, and all that exciting stuff. He loves Harry Potter, and has to watch at least two episodes of Charmed every day. He was further delighted to find out his daddy was going to be crafting with him. It is usually me who does all the crafting goodies, but I had to sit aside and let dad be awesome for a bit.

They mixed potions into little "spell jars", and while I tended our other son, they did something really cool with a candle and a balloon. The kit came with a book looking box, like a book of spells, my son decorated to make his own. From one of his favorite T.V. shows Charmed, he says he now has his own book of shadows. My favorite. because him and dad decided it had to be mine since I love them is the cardboard owl.

I was surprised to see how much was actually inside the subscription box from Cooper and Kid. How could any kid not want to dig right in? My son couldn't wait. Even the shipping box is cool! It turns into a toy. An activity book guides you through the theme and contents inside the box.There is a themed dinner menu with recipes. A bed time story is included. A website of related digital resources, along with Parenting and topical links to resources that are just for dad. Links to even more theme-related activities that are "Beyond the box"!

Cooper and Kid began around a fire, in an earthen hut in Africa. Nichole Smaglick, founder of Cooper and Kid, lived and worked in a remote village in Africa for many years. Nichole compared the male development and evolving fatherhood traditions between these warrior-based cultures and those of West. In parts of Africa, the traditions of fatherhood went back for countless generations. Fathers were present, active and engaged in the daily lives of their children, just as their own fathers had been in theirs. A mother's role would be to comfort, encourage and create a safe stable environment for children to succeed. It was the role of the father to show the children strength and responsibility to change their external world for the better. Nichole befriended many true warriors (big african Rambo men) who were over the moon about their children.

Meanwhile in America...
When America was agrarian society most men were stay at home dads-as farmers or tradesmen-and involved with daily rearing of the children. Until the Industrial Revolution came and fourteen and sixteen hour work days set the stage for the absentee father. Only in the last 40 years with the women's movement, the service-based economy and the great recession that men have returned to the home to be an engaged nurturing parent. They are returning to the same father/child structure present in humanity's most ancient cultures but their doing so without having an engaged father from which to learn.

Enter Cooper and Kid: A place to share, discuss and celebrate. A place where men can "initiate" each other into this next stage of life. A resource for the modern dad determined to find his own way and be a significant force in the development of their children's lives.

The Cooper and Kid Subscription Box is an extremely awesome kit that my son and his father had tons of fun diving into. I think it is a wonderful product to help connect children with their fathers. I haven't seen many products geared towards that. Its what compelled me to share so much of the background. This would be a wonderful gift for any father. A time to make treasured memories.

The Cooper and Kid Subscription Box is for dad's with kids ages 5-9 years. It is delivered to dad every 3 months for $65.00 and shipping, with a value of over $100. He can opt out at any time. Each subscription box will contain a new theme. It is a box that makes dad awesome!

You can connect with Cooper and Kids via Facebook , @Cooperandkid , and Their Website .

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